new york city escorts know the best hot dogs

Grabbing a hot dog in New York!

Grab Your Hot Dog In New York City!

Fed up with Haute Cuisine? Our NYC Escorts love Hot Dogs!

In the 70’s all hot dogs used to be pretty much the same, but we’re not in the 70’s anymore, right? New York City is home to the hot dog, so it’s about time someone had looked at just how good they are, and where you can get them. You’ll always be able to get them from a cart here and there, but the humble hot dog has since moved its primary residence and entered the realms of the New York elite. Here’s where you can get the best of the best according to our New York City Escorts.

new york city escorts know the best hot dogs

The best hot dogs in New York City

  • Katz’s Delicatessen – 205 E Houston Street. Katz’s Deli on the Lower East Side is one of the best places in the city by far. They’ve glammed it up a little, however, but that classic taste is still there folks!
  • Nathan’s Famous – 1310 Surf Avenue. Nathan’s is a Brooklyn landmark, and it’s been this way since 1916, would you believe! They’ve restored the whole joint now, and it’s not pretentious in any way, shape or form. Okay, maybe some of the customers are! They take their hot dog eating contest really seriously here, however!
  • The Cannibal – 113 E 29th Street. This is probably a more likely place to take one of our holiday escorts if they’ve never been to New York before. It’s a little more upmarket, but still nice and retro when it comes to the hot dogs. The whole restaurant is a meat lover’s paradise, and the menu is vast. They have a great selection of beers too.

Is this where you’d take a New York City Escort?

Now, we’re not sure whether or not your New York City Escorts, or any escorts traveling with you during your visit, will entirely appreciate a hot dog for lunch, but you never can tell. You can always sneak out and get one without them knowing anyway, right? And then take them for that fancy meal they’ve been bending your ear about!