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Welcome to Hawaii

Why not visit a volcanic island in the Central Pacific? That sounds nice, and nasty at the same time, doesn’t it? You mustn’t worry however, Hawaii isn’t about to blow up! It is however, one of the most beautiful islands you could visit, with some delightfully luxurious places; and we know how you love your luxuries! After all, you’re bound to be looking for classy Hawaii escorts whilst you’re there right? If you can’t find Hawaiian escorts that you like, actually on the island, you can always book through us remember. We can get your girl to you no matter where in the world she is!

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We are here to give you a few ideas about where to stay, where to eat, and really what to experience when you’re in Hawaii. We’re sure you can make your own mind up, but our recommendations are based on the experiences of ourselves and some of our holiday escorts. So, take a walk on Waikiki Beach, trek through the tropics, climb a volcano! It’s all here for you in Hawaii, and it’s a lot more than just sandy beaches.

group of three attractive females waikiki beach

Staying in Hawaii

Do you fancy staying in a fancy, high class hotel with your Hawaii escort, or would you prefer a beach hut, right by the water? There are no shortage of places to stay in Hawaii, since it is of course predominantly a holiday destination. They really know how to look after their tourist trade too in Hawaii, so it doesn’t seem to matter where you decide to stay, you’ll find the staff to be highly motivated in pleasing you; as are the Hawaiian escorts of course!

  • The Westin Maui Resort & Spa, Ka'anapali - 2365 Kaanapali Pkwy. The Westin Maui is a beautiful ocean front hotel that’ll have you gasping at the view. It’s the perfect destination for a holiday escort adventure, simply because your companion is going to love it all as much as you. It’s so relaxed, and nothing is too much trouble. Spa facilities are brilliant to say the very least, and you’ve also got a choice of restaurants to eat in, either by the ocean in a really romantic setting, or at the buffet, that’s complete with a show! If you’re a golfer, you’re only minutes away from Kaanapali Golf Course resort too. Get a round in before lunch with your Hawaii escort. What could be nicer?
  • Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui - 4100 Wailea Alanui Drive. This place is a tropical paradise that stands in acres and acres of tropical landscapes. For those with the cash, there are private villas and suites, both with private pools etc. and everything else you could possibly want. It’s the true paradise retreat really, and perfect for a getaway with a gorgeous Hawaii escort. You could hang out here all day long if you liked, no-one would ever know you left the country! The fitness facilities are spot on, there’s plenty of dining options (and the seafood is delicious), and there are always well-stocked cocktail bars!

Dining in Hawaii

Dining in Hawaii is mostly done in your hotel to tell the truth, but there are a number of very quaint restaurants around that are well worth a try. If only to sample the way Hawaiian food tastes. Hawaiian cuisine is obviously pretty rich in seafood, but it’s the way in which it’s prepared in many cases. All their food seems to be lovingly prepared in a rustic, very old fashioned style, that really does capture the essence of Polynesia in many places.

  • Annie's Island Fresh Burgers - 79-7460 Hawaii Belt Road. A visit to Hawaii wouldn’t be the same without a burger joint visit. Hawaii is nearly as famous as everywhere else in the USA for burgers, and it’s become a staple of their diet in many respects! Annie’s isn’t a flashy place, but it’s modern and the food is fresh and locally sourced. It’s a great atmosphere, and it’s a great burger. That’s our recommendation: get a burger! Even the most health conscious Hawaiian escort won’t be able to resist one of Annie’s burgers!
  • Alan Wong’s - 1857 South King Street, Honolulu – Premium dining here! As opposed to many other places in Hawaii, Wong’s isn’t cheap, but it is very classy and very good quality! Alan Wong has another couple of places, but it’s this one, on the third floor of an office building on South King Street, that he likes to call his “flagship” restaurant. It’s mainly because this is where he does most of his creations. It’s almost like a work studio for him, and it’s very popular with the locals. You have to try this place!

Our Hawaii recommendations

Go outside!

Yes, it’s not an actual “attraction,” to speak, we’re just telling you to get outside. Hawaii life is essentially outside. You can practically survive on nothing at all if you really had to, and you’d probably have a really good time. Picking fruit from the trees, hiking in the mountains etc. But if  you’re with a Hawaii escort, then you’re probably going to want to keep your outside activities predominantly organised, so to speak. Swimming, diving, boat trips, and maybe a spot of fishing, could all be enjoyed, whilst still retreating back to a luxury hotel in the evening. Although our travel escorts like to go on an adventure, their days of sleeping on the beach are probably over! But in all seriousness though, the true beauty of Hawaii is outside, you will be truly astounded if you’ve never been before.


Right in the middle of Hawaii, you’ll find the Volcanoes National Park, and it’s crowing glories: Kīlauea and Mauna Loa. These are the active volcanoes, but don’t worry, we’re positive they’re properly monitored! It’s fascinating to spend time at the National park. The steam vents, the views, the Jaggar Museum, all go together to make a wonderful experience. Do tell us if you’re planning a visit here, since we’ll have to tell your Hawaii escort to bring her hiking boots!

Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center is well worth a visit whilst you’re here. You can only take so many beaches and volcanoes we’re sure. Basically it’s a Polynesian themed, theme park. Not in the traditional sense of course, not in terms of Disney or anything like that. Here you’ll find a succession of villages, recreated to demonstrate ancient Polynesian crafts etc. and you can also visit the very lovely Laie Hawaii Temple. Learn a little of Hawaii’s history whilst you’re here!

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Booking Hawaii escorts

Hawaii escorts can be booked in Hawaii of course, but there isn’t a great choice of women to be honest. You’re probably better off booking your escorts from somewhere close by on the mainland. We have travel escorts all over the USA of course, so you’d be advised to have a good browse of the website before you decide. And remember, if money isn’t an object, you can get them to come all the way from Europe if you like!

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