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More great things to do in Dubai

More Great Things To Do in Dubai

Sport or relaxation, it's up to you!

Avoid the cold autumn and get on a plane. Get yourself over to Dubai where the weather is beautiful and warm! You shouldn’t need any good reason to hop on a plane to Dubai, not when escorts are waiting to join you in Dubai. Some of you may well remember a post we did a while back. Therefore, we’d like to add to those adventures with this post.

sporty escort girl in dubai relaxing

Ride a bike in the desert

What? We hear you scream? It’ true, the desert isn’t just for camels apparently. Not far away from Dubai, you can find the Al Qudra Cycling Track. It's about 60 miles of track through the desert. You’ll see all the things you’d expect to in the desert. We have it on top authority from some of our fitter travel escorts that it does put the whole desert thing into perspective! That means there’s a whole lot of it out there! Oh, and don’t start out at midday. Very early in the morning is the best time. You can rent all the equipment you’re going to need there and don’t worry; there are plenty of people to help you.

Have a Turkish hammam experience

The Talise Ottoman Spa is the ultimate spa experience gentlemen, and one that holiday escorts from all over the world have enjoyed. This spa has the biggest hammam in the Middle East. It's a great place to have a date. You can truly relax and take in all the facilities, including saunas, cabanas, and even a snow room! Prices aren’t too bad, and a day pass will cost you around 2000 AED.

Spoil your female companion

So, whether you ride a bike in the desert or hang out in the spa, treat your female companion to a luxury experience. She’ll thank you for it. Who knows how she may reciprocate the time and attention you’re spending on her!