sexy blonde winter sun holiday

It’s getting colder: Catch some winter sun!

It's Getting Colder: Catch Some Winter Sun!

There's always a place where it's summer time!

It’s not winter yet, but we know how you guys like to organize everything in advance. We also know that our travel escorts like to have at least a little notice before their departure. It’s easy to forget that the sun is shining in another part of the world when it’s cold wherever you are. So, let’s have a look at some of the most popular winter sun breaks at the moment.

sexy blonde winter sun holiday

They don't all have to be luxury

They don’t! It’s luxurious enough being able to soak up the sun, isn’t it? And it’s even more luxurious when you have the company of a beautiful young holiday companion to entertain you. Lounging on a beach is always nicer when there’s someone nice with who you can lounge! And no-one wants to travel alone, do they?

  • Lanzarote. We know what you’re thinking. Lanzarote has inherited a terrible reputation for cheap, trashy holidays. But this is primarily in the main tourist resorts. There are some lovely areas around Timanfaya National Park that you could consider. Besides, as we said, at least the sun will be shining!
  • Costa Rica. This place is becoming a very popular winter sun destination for those who have the money. You can soak up the sun on the beaches while gazing at either the Pacific or the Caribbean Sea here. And there’s always the jungle and wildlife to keep you interested. This destination is sure to impress any international escort with who you may be traveling.
  • Cuba. Steeped in history, and as relaxed as it could get. Great sunshine, cheap places to stay, plenty of characteristic locals, old cars, great music and booze! It doesn’t get any better!
  • South Africa. An unlikely choice, but this is just because it’s in Africa. South Africa to be precise of course. The Indian Ocean coast and the local safari scene are very appealing. A remarkable experience awaits you and your escort.

More ideas to come!

As the weather gets colder, wherever you are, we’ll let you know about more and more suggestions as they come to us. But do remember that the sunshine is always better enjoyed with a gorgeous young woman in a bikini!