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Get some Winter sun at Zighy Bay

Get Some Winter Sun At Zighy Bay!

Luxury Resort in Oman: Our Escorts love Zighy Bay!

If you want to book luxury hotels for you and your Dubai Escort, you could go to the center, of course. Here you’ll find all the major players in the hotel industry, and they’ll all be on their best game. But if you and your companion decided to up your game a little, you could venture much further north to Zighy Bay spa. It’s actually in the middle of nowhere, and closer to the city of Sharjah, if you look at the map, and truly “off the beaten track,” so to speak. It’s location, however, despite being out of the way, is superb. Zighy Bay sits on a beach looking out over the Gulf of Oman, and if you book the right rooms or suites, you can get marvelous views here. The Dubai Escorts, who went to Zighy Bay for us, were all full of praise for this amazing resort.

Is it worth to go from Dubai to Zighy Bay?

Well, far be it from us to state the obvious, but you may well desire a little secrecy about your travel companion adventure. Also, Zighy Bay offers a level of luxury and privacy that you simply can’t get in Dubai. It’s a favorite for some celebrities and the super-rich of course! Our high society escorts are fitting companions for this type of luxury holiday.

The suites and villas on the spa complex are enormous, and they all have their unique features of course. On top of the free Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs, coffee machines, etc. you can also have wine cellars and private terraces! There are also a range of activities to take part in should you wish to, and the pool and restaurant are also top-notch according to our escorts.

The spa

But it’s the spa that brings in most of the business at Zighy Bay, of course. The wellness specialists and holistic experts on hand here know what they’re doing. You can have everything from various massages, to yoga sessions and everything in between. Your spa experience begins with a professional consultation. So you always get what you want. Not unlike booking your holiday escort from us!

Visit Zighy Bay now and check out some more information. Don’t forget to book your international escort from us!