business class emirates with studio capsule

Flying business class: Which ones are the best

Flying Business Class: Which Ones Are The Best?

What our international escorts say

You know we fly off all over the world right? Of course, we do! We have the world’s most demanded international escorts. Therefore, we’re likely to know a little about air travel. We have teamed up with our girls to give you a little insight into which airlines are the very best. Ever wondered how our travel companions turn up looking so refreshed? Well, this here is the reason why.

business class emirates with studio capsule

Our Top 4 Business Class Airlines

  • Business class is superb with Lufthansa. They have lie flat seats, as you’d expect, but they come into their own with their fine dining options. They also have an excellent choice of in-flight movies.
  • Air France. Air France go one better with your “pod.” It's your own capsule. As a result, you have absolute privacy in it. There is no better way to travel than being alone in such a capsule. Their menus were all compiled by Michelin chefs too, so the food is pretty damn good!
  • Emirates. Currently ranked the best airline in the world. And when you see their business class facilities, you’ll understand why they’re ranked this well, and just why our travel escorts like flying with them. You get everything you’ve read so far, only better. And on top of your private in-flight entertainment system and lie flat bed, you also get a complimentary cocktail bar and a chauffeur service!
  • Etihad Airways. This airline offers you a business studio capsule. You have everything you need there. It’s comfortable with their massaging lie flat seating. There’s also a business class lounge, should you wish to leave the sanctity of your pod and mix with the other business class travelers.

Travelling with comfort

In the end, it has all to do with the comfort. And you can rest assured that your comfort will be taken very seriously by our international escorts. These young women are professional female companions in every sense of the word. Additionally, it’s their goal to make your holiday as memorable as humanly possible.