even the richest people eat fish and chips in london

Don’t neglect fish and chips in London!

It's Time For Fish And Chips Again!

Good Old-Fashioned British Food

We’re always writing about having dinner or lunch in far off lands, and about different types of international cuisine, but whatever happened to good old-fashioned fish and chips? Nobody is too good, too classy, or too rich for fish and chips you know, and this includes London escorts and international companions. Read on for our recommendations.

even the richest people eat fish and chips in london

The perfect dinner or lunch - Why not Fish and Chips

It’s a dish as old as time itself in London, and whether you have Fish and Chips for lunch or dinner, they’ll always taste delicious! Well, they will, at least from the following places that we’re recommending to you. Remember, we don’t just talk about escorts all the time on this blog, we’re about helping you out too. But you really could settle down in some of these Fish and Chips places with a beautiful young companion and “tuck in!”

  • Kerbisher and Malt, Shepherds Bush. A very nostalgic meal out for the Englishman, and a very real treat for any visitor to the UK looking to indulge in one of the nation’s favorite and most popular dishes. At Kerbisher and Malt, they have modernized it slightly, and now you can choose how you have your fish cooked, and you can also have one of their own ales to wash it down with!
  • Vintage Salt. This restaurant is relatively small, to tell the truth, but it does mean that you get the service you desire without much trouble at all. The fish and chips are outstanding, as you’d expect, but our travel companions have told us that you really should consider trying a series of small plates if you’re not likely to be a regular. The Cornish crab and spiced avocado are apparently “to die for!”
  • North Sea Restaurant. The best thing about this place is their homemade tartar sauce. It’s lovely. It’s one of those places that’s always been very popular, yet remained customer focused and not gotten itself too big. You’re going to need to book in advance whenever possible to get a table here, and it’s a lovely place to go with a very special companion should you wish. We recommend pretty much everything on the menu!

Our opinion counts for something!

There you go then, three of the best fish and chip restaurants in London. In our opinion of course. But then you have to appreciate that we have excellent taste; have you even seen our gallery of beautiful women?