travel adventure in beautiful asian nature with waterfall

Adventure Travel Asia

Adventure Travel Asia

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Where Knowledge ends, adventure starts

Asia is an immense continent which not only spans an enormous geographical area but encompasses many different countries within its vast expanse. The contrasts are dramatic both in landscape and culture with China and India at opposite ends of the scale as perfect examples of this phenomenon. There is no ideal starting point to your Asian adventure, and it really has to be a case of immersing yourself in un-trodden paths to uncover where the modern world ends and ancient simplicity begins.

travel adventure in beautiful asian nature with waterfall

Discover new wonders with your VIP companion

An adventure holiday is one which usually includes a physically challenging activity. However, your adventure might simply mean the chance to re-discover what is vital in your life. Accordingly, visiting Asia is certainly going to give you plenty to think about. The soaring mountains of the Himalayas, the sacred temples of the Paro valley in Bhutan, the colossal Taj Mahal and the ancient Chinese city of Xi’an are all places that inspire awe and help you to get right under your own skin of self-awareness. To share such majestic sights with an intelligent and cultivated companion will deepen your appreciation and heighten the pleasure of all you discover together.

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Enjoy magical surroundings with your luxury girlfriend

Alongside bustling cities in South-East Asia, you will find an older world waiting to be re-discovered. You and your VIP courtesan can explore these lost empires either on foot or by some other mode of transport if you want to ramp up the adventure stakes. Motorbikes, guided jeeps, and even donkeys are all available for the intrepid traveler. However, within the lush tropical forests and stunning natural gorges you might prefer to tiptoe quietly rather than disturb thousands of years of peace.

With each day will come a new discovery and each evening will find you both exhausted yet exhilarated from your epic adventures. It may not be the most ultra glamorous or star-studded trip you have ever enjoyed; however, the sense of freedom and release from modern cultural confines will forge a common bond that will bring you together to form a new closeness instinctively. Your elite VIP companion may be your professional girlfriend for the duration of your trip, but as you veer further away from modern society you will synchronize and be at one with each other naturally.

Exotic locations with your exotic and adventurous companion

No Asian adventure holiday would be complete without an injection of romance. Once you have explored the ancient cities and conquered the breathtaking landscapes you will want to return to at a top class hotel before returning home. Before you do so, ease yourself back into modern life with a trip along the sacred Indian river Ganges. An exclusive mini cruise will reveal glittering palaces, the sacred Sarnath deer park, and ancient Moghul forts. If you are lucky, you will also see river dolphins from the balcony of your en-suite cabin and dine with a view of India’s most holy city Varanasi. Your epic Asian adventure holiday will create memories to treasure forever only enhanced by the presence of your high-class adventurous travel escort companion.

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