cheerful female in skiing clothes winter

Our favourite ski spas in Europe

Our Favourite Ski Spas In Europe

Combining skiing with spa

All that physical exercise and snow, doesn’t exactly conjure the image of a relaxing spa experience does it? But Europe has some of the best on slope spas in the world as it happens. Some of our escorts can ski, and you will already know that most of them enjoy being pampered. So it makes perfect sense to share with you, which of these European “ski spas” they like the most and why.

cheerful female in skiing clothes winter

Kulm Hotel in St Moritz

Switzerland is the backdrop for this place of course, and Kulm Hotel is one of the best. The hotel itself has a lovely, homely feel to it with carefully chosen carpets and curtains in the room, etc. and when you open those curtains, you have some of the best views of the mountains you’re likely to get. The spa is stunning, and remarkably well equipped. A whole host of treatments is available alpine herb stamp massages (the new thing apparently) and some great anti-ageing facials. But what our travel escorts love the most is the underground pool, that has a glass wall, allowing you to look out onto a majestic view of the mountains.

Cheval Blanc in Courchevel

This resort has always been considered as one of the best of course, with fantastic access to miles and miles of the best slopes in France. So it will come as no surprise that, in our opinion, it has one of the best spas in the Alps. Your experience begins with your room. There aren’t hundreds of rooms at Cheval Blanc, and this makes for a pleasant change. They’re spacious first and foremost, with many luxuries. They all have designer interiors by Sybille de Margerie and have terraces or balconies that look out over the mountains. Some of our travel escorts would gladly pay out of their pocket to stay here and take in the marvelous views! The spa is wonderful of course. Champagne and foot massages are the order of the day when you arrive at the spa, followed by a whole host of treatments, including fantastic anti-ageing facials using “youth serum,” and specialist massages for skiers (and these really are special!)

Treat your female travel companion

Of course, they’re all going to love it. In fact, if the Travel Escorts we represent knew you were considering a skiing spa break, they’d be petitioning you right now for you to take them with you! Give us a call, and we’ll help you decide on the very best companion for your trip. We will take care of all the necessary arrangements.