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Ever visited Cloud 9?

Ever Visited Cloud 9?

A fantastic experience in the Ro Ro Reef

You might think you’ve been on Cloud 9 when beeing ecstatically happy about something, but did you know that it’s also a bar and restaurant? We are seriously considering packing a bag just to go here and escape the winter, even if it’s just for a day! We are also quite certain that if you are planning on being anywhere near this place in the nearby future, any one of our female travel companions would be happy to go there with you. Just watch the video below!

Where is Cloud 9?

It’s basically in the middle of the ocean. Specifically, it’s located on the Ro Ro Reef in Fiji. You can only reach it by boat, jet ski or plane but it does look like the trip would be worth it. Where else can you eat fantastic pizza and have a beer in the middle of the ocean, unless you take it out with you on your boat?

What’s on offer?

It’s a little more than a restaurant. When you’re on Cloud 9, you can also lounge all day on the deck and soak up the sun while having a drink. You can go swimming and snorkel too if you like. Add to this the fact that they do some pretty amazing pizzas and snacks, and you’ve found the perfect ocean getaway when you fancy something different. It’s the perfect place to take a holiday escort if you’re staying nearby in Fiji, and you can be there on a speedboat in less than an hour. The trip there alone is magnificent, over that beautiful reef and across the clear ocean!

Time to choose your companion

As we have consistently said, make sure you book your holiday before you book your escort. It would be a shame to have a travel escort all ready to meet you in a particular destination, only to find that you actually can’t book that destination! Don’t worry. We have holiday companions willing to join you all the time, and if you book your breaks nice and early, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be disappointed when booking the companion of your choice.