correct etiquette is important for our travel escorts


Etiquette: The Do's and Don'ts

To ensure that both our clients and our high class escorts experience the most pleasure from their assignations, we have put together some guidelines regarding expected etiquette. Most of this information will include things that occur naturally between two mature, sophisticated people. However, for those who are new to our elite service and less experienced in the art of chivalry, the following etiquette guidelines may offer a valuable insight into the expectations we have for our VIP clients.

correct etiquette is important for our travel escorts

Choosing your companion

As a client of our exclusive international escort agency, you will have full access to all the beautiful and glamorous companions we represent. You can choose the lady you would like to spend time with from the unrestricted details in the members' area or you can submit a booking request. Once you have determined which of our casual escort girls or escorts for VIPs you would like to see, we can settle the funding arrangements so that we may purchase your chosen escort's travel tickets. In some cases, you'll be able to buy the travel tickets.

Preparing for your date: The right appearance and ambiance

Impeccable personal hygiene is an absolute given, however excellent grooming and presentation should be mentioned in conjunction with the environment in which you intend to enjoy your tryst.

Accommodation should always be at least 4-star no matter where it is located in the world and, as you appreciate the time and effort your high class model escort has made to look her best for you, she will expect the same effort in return. One should not be surprised at how unattractive an unmanicured hand looks or how uncomfortable a bristly good-night kiss can be. As a sophisticated gentleman, none of these requirements are new to you.

Being a gentleman: A central element of our etiquette

Etiquette doesn't only include appearance. ‘Manners maketh the man’ is the saying and indeed they do! Your behavior as a successful and debonair gentleman should not be called into question at any point throughout your time together. Your polite charm and gentle eloquence will reflect your excellent upbringing and life values. Your respect for your elite escort and her comfort, feelings, and wishes will remain beyond recrimination as you understand that. While your travel escort is enjoying your hospitality she retains the freedom to make her own choices at all times. These choices may include ending the encounter should your behavior fall short of expectations.

Privacy rules

The very nature of our elite service protects the privacy of both you and your elite escort companion. While everyone loves compliments we politely ask that you do not speak of your encounters publicly to respect the privacy of our international models.