monte carlo casino in monaco

Our girls love Monte Carlo Casino

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Curious why our VIP escorts love Monte Carlo Casino?

Well, who wouldn’t love Monte Carlo Casino? Just the look of the place is impressive indeed. In particular, it's a massive, looming building that reeks of opulence and excess. At least, it’s calling to you when you approach it. When you see all the fancy cars outside, you know you’re in the right place in Monaco; for instance, the right place to impress your escort companion or anyone else you happen to take along. Besides, Monaco is a beautiful place that attracts the richest, most influential people in the world. So where do you expect these people to spend their evenings? Of course, you’ll find a hell of a lot of them in this world-renowned casino!

monte carlo casino in monaco

Fancy yourself as the next Bond?

We all do, don’t we? Above all, James Bond has been filmed in Monte Carlo Casino on some occasions, although we couldn’t tell you the exact movies off hand. Speaking of Bond, this brings us neatly onto the fact that this casino is nothing like you’d expect with escorts in Vegas! No shorts and T-shirts in here. In fact, if you want to go gaming, you’ll need a jacket. It is indeed a lovely place, lavishly decorated and fabulously maintained. So you can probably appreciate that this is the place that inspired Fleming to write Casino Royale.

High-end escorts meet high-class gamers

The public is in and out of the casino all the time. But don’t worry, though. Like we said, it's not Vegas! Hence, there are no fat old women in sweatpants sitting at the slots! However, there are some very luxurious private rooms for high-end gamers. Perhaps you’re one of these gentlemen? If you fancy yourself as a high-class player (and you sure are a high-end escort fan!), apparently you aren’t until you’ve played a few hands in Monte Carlo Casino, maybe even with our casino escorts!

Time to choose your Casino Monte Carlo escort

If you’re a little early for the casino, you might want to spend a little time hanging out in the sunshine or admiring the sunset with a beautiful young escort. Café de Paris is just next door to Monte Carlo Casino. Here you can watch the rich and famous going in and out, perhaps choosing your perfect moment to go in. Likewise, we’ve heard nothing but good reports about this place, and when we go to the casino next time, we’re certainly going to Café de Paris.

Do you want some elite company in Monaco? We know more than a few girls who would love to join you!