travel escorts love to lead the way for gents unfamiliar with the city

Letting your companion lead the way

Booking An Escort Who Leads The Way

Our magnificent Escorts show you the World

If you are likely to be a stranger in the city you’re traveling to, it might be better to book one of our travel escorts who reside there and take the lead, rather than one to join you from elsewhere in the world. While the escorts you book in your chosen destination may not have been there for a long time, or they’re perhaps passing through, if you’ve never been there before, they are still likely to know more about it than you.

travel escorts love to lead the way for gents unfamiliar with the city

If you are the type of gentleman who hates to do much research about a place before he travels, (perhaps you simply don’t have the time?) then you’re likely to appreciate a few recommendations from someone who knows. The escorts you book through our introduction agency make it a point to learn as much about the place they’re in as possible.

Our professional escorts realize that knowledge of their surroundings and various different entertainment venues is essential for a successful career.

What can the elite female companions show you?

If the VIP companions been in your chosen destination before, or they’ve been residing there for some time, they’re likely to know the best restaurants. Thus, our stunning females can lead you by organizing your evening program. You see, they’re very classy women, and they won’t eat just anywhere! Their knowledge extends to bars, clubs, hotels and more if you simply ask them. It’s a good idea to let them meet you at your hotel and then spend a little time hearing a few of their suggestions.

Letting go of control

We realize that many of you are really rather high-powered gents, who are well used to getting what you want when they want it. That's why you book companions from us, of course! However, you must know that letting go, even just a little, in a situation like this is entirely beneficial to your enjoyment. Your international escort experience will be all the more rewarding if you allow our tour escorts to show you around, so to speak!

If you let us know where you are going and when we can always liaise with your chosen girl. She can be setting up a dinner date while you travel should you wish.