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Golf is about class, elegance and being a gentleman par excellence. Golfing is a pastime for many out there, but on an international level – Golf is simply sophistication personified. There’s more to this than just putting a hole-in-one with a perfect golf swing. And the choice which a man makes with his club can extend well beyond the course and should reflect it with his choice in proper company. But, it’s better to engage with the sports first – getting to the feminine part of it all later.

Coming back to golf, there’s a royal panache to it that very few other games exude. Golf, on an international stage, is a game of subtle power, excellence, and style. Events like those in California, Dubai, Florida, Scotland, Australia host the most classy and the most affluent people from all over the world. And if you want to be a part of it all, you have to know what they are, where they happen and how to go there to blend in with the high and rich society.

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Famous Golf Tournaments

There are two things that the best international golf events have in common – big names and elite after-parties. And these are not the mere partying loud crowd. If shaking hands and a few words with names like Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy, Dustin Johnson is something that you’d relish, you need to be a part of that crowd. And it’s easy to say that a well-groomed, pinned up and well-spoken man can have a tete-a-tete with these living legends of the game.

Here are some of the top golf competitions around the world.

Augusta Masters

What was once an indigo plantation is now Augusta National Golf Club and Course. Founded by Bobby Jones way back in 1933, this course was included into the masters in 1935. Augusta golf club will forever remain attached to legendary folklore with names such as those of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player – The Big Three – coming up prominently in the Augusta hall of fame.

golf star during pga masters

British Open

First played in 1860, the British Open, or what is now known as the Open Championship is sacrosanct to international golf. The Open is a prestigious event for even the biggest professionals out there. Tiger Woods won the Open thrice and so did Jack Nicklaus. It's also a competition which has accounted for the largest loss of golf ball, although unofficially.

Melbourne Open

The Australian Open is among the most prestigious and the oldest golf tournaments in the Australasian PGA tour. The Melbourne Open has played host to many a legendary player and golf caddie such as Mike Cowan. Centering mostly on the Royal Sydney Golf Club, there is a tremendous touch of royalty added to this tournament, especially considering the prize fund at AU$1.25 million.

Scottish Open

Easily one of the richest golfing venues around the world, the Scottish Open is among the most important events on a professional golfer’s calendar. And it centers mostly in and around Castle Stuart Golf Links – one of the most beautiful and scenic golf courses. With the prize fund around £3 million back in 2008, you’ll be seeing not only the biggest names in golf but a bit of royalty with luck.

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Classy and Elegant Escorts for Golf Sport

Companions for visiting Golf Events

A perfect golf swing is something which even the masters have not mastered. And if you’re not a master then there’s the other side of playing golf which matters. Golf clubs are host to the most influential and elegant people around. And if you want to enjoy their company, you need something other than a perfect golf swing.

And it all comes down to suits and ties. If you want to blend in with this high-class crowd, you simply can’t go there alone. You need to wear the part yourself and you need the right arm candy. It again comes down to having a classy, elegant, sexy and beautiful woman. Elite escorts for golf events can ensure the focus of the party is on her and also on you.

A femme fatale from every right, these women can walk the walk and talk the talk. Elite grooming, excellent communication skills, highly educated – these exclusive escorts for golf sport have everything to be the highlight of every post-game event at any golf clubhouse.

VIP Escorts for Golf Trips

Enjoying company of these stunning beauties with brains is not only about delving into their femininity alone. It’s about taking in the attention which they deserve and attract towards them and towards you. A nice chat with Rory Mcilroy is not much to ask with such VIP escorts for golf trips by your side.

But that’s not where the party ends. International golf events happen in sensational locations around the world. Venues such as Dubai, Singapore, California, Sydney host not only golf stars but the biggest names in the world too. And these beautiful companions for golf trips have both beauty and allure to shine just as brightly beside anyone you can think of.

Taking these stunning beauties across the globe for an event is what their services include. These femme fatales are simply not ones you can see around. Scoring a hole-in-one on the golf course with these women and off it can be the making of a life-altering experience.

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Stunning Exquisite Venues for Golf Events around the World

Champagne, caviar, truffles – these go hand-in-hand, especially with post-games events. Luxury and class are what these parties ooze with every designer wear-clad ladies and classily tucked up men. And your golf escorts can blend in and bedazzle everyone else. These women are international models and can naturally relate to these parties very easily. They are luxury and class feminized.

These celebrations take place among the richest and the most luxurious places around the world. What follows after a day trying to make a perfect golf swing on the courses is unwinding with rich cognac with fresh olives. Surrounded by luxurious beauty, this is where these escort girls for golf fans feel accustomed to. All you need to do is take them to these happening venues and bask in their glory.


The city with man-made beaches, exquisite eateries, luxurious hotels – this is a center of the world when it comes to living life big and rich. And when it comes to golf events or venues, Address Montgomerie is the absolute epitome of what golf and extravagance can mean together. A 5-star super luxurious hotel by its own standards, Address Montgomerie, is placed right in the heart of plush and prestigious Emirates Hill.

The Dubai Desert Classic Open is hosted at the Emirates Golf Club and attracts one of the richest crowds in their after-parties. All you need to shine with the wealthiest oil-barons and celebs is an invitation to stunning escorts for golf sport. Relish in Dubai’s suave luxury when it’s at its absolute deluxe best.

You can follow it up by taking a dip in the warm waters and soft beaches with these stunning bikini models which our Dubai Escorts are. Or you can take it to the next level in the superlatively luxurious hotels which crowd Dubai. A night-out at some of the wildest nightclubs in the world is also something that you shouldn’t miss out, especially with a drop-dead gorgeous woman’s company.

sexy escort girl taking rest after a day of golfing in dubai


California is home to the sexiest beaches in the world. It comes with its very own unique mix of exciting luxury and scrumptious sights and tastes. Beach-side casinos, extravagant resorts, Bikini Belles – the US West Coast comes with an added Mexican passion and American free spirit, making it one of the sexiest destinations in the world.

Pebble Beach is considered as one of the world’s most beautiful golf courses. This course has already hosted 5 U.S. Opens along with a PGA Championship. The Madison Club La Quinta is another name when it comes to classy golf. Both these golf clubs come with associated resorts and are placed right by the sea with breathtaking views and exquisite culinary tastes.

And this is one of the best places to enjoy with escorts for golf vacations sunbathing in bikinis and coming back with you to your rooms with a bottle of aged wine. A day away from golf in the glitz and riches of casinos followed up by a dine-out at a myriad of 5-star restaurants are memories that can be among the most cherished moments for you.

Northern Ireland

The British Isles is where Golf starts diving into its rich history and royal grandeur. Newcastle, Northern Ireland is home to one of the oldest golf courses around. And with the history comes a typically British luxury and elegance. The Royal County Downs plays host to the biggest and richest names around the world. Its post-game frivolities are events which no golf aficionado can afford to miss. You can be the life and grace of these parties with an exquisitely beautiful and classy woman by your side.


St. Andrews Links in Fife is considered to be the “Home of Golf” - where golf started from, according to many. And the attached Castle Course Clubhouse comes with one of the most stunning views over St. Andrews Bay. It's a perfect place to unwind and let time wander.

Taking a few tees on the golf course at day can follow up with a lavish lunch. An evening spent chatting in the clubhouse can turn out to be just what you wanted. And a beautiful, charming woman locking her arms with yours is surely going to make your evening more beautiful than you can imagine. Share your warmth with hers in the cold nights watching over the St. Andrews Bay.

elite escort attending golf sport event in the united states

Georgia, USA

Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia is synonymous with everything that professional golf is all about. Big Names, Famous Celebs, Star-lit after-parties and a rich bouquet of paparazzi – Augusta Majors is one of the centers of the modern golf game. And you can make the most of it with a gorgeous and glamorous woman by your side.

Going into these events alone is something which won’t give you much attention at all. The golf club more often than not teems with Hollywood stars and many other luminaries. And if it’s about being a part of it all, your escort can engage quite a bit of attention in the clubhouse towards you. It’s all yours – the limelight and the few minutes of fame. And in those spheres, a man’s company speaks a lot about him. A classy beauty beside you does speak a lot!


Florida is one of the top destinations for those who want to take in its warm sunny beaches and its beautiful beach stunners. But as for golf, the Seminole Golf Club is a perfectly laid-back choice for you to take your sexy woman along. Teeing off at this one-of-a-kind golf club right by the bay is an altogether different experience. And with a beautiful female golf buddy, you’ll most obviously be the hottest couple around. So enjoying evenings in the clubhouse can give you an experience unlike any other with that hot dame by your side.

A nice little sunbathing with our upscale golf escort will be more than just a memorable one - these women will look audaciously attractive in bikinis. Florida after-parties are as hot and happening as they get. Indulging in sinful pleasures is not at all ‘a sin,’ especially in Florida with Miami Escorts.

If you are looking for a very special golf experience, please watch the following video:

A perfect Female Companion on and off the Golf Course

Our escort ladies for golf are stunning, classy, intelligent and most importantly, professional. Thrills and frills are easy to come by, but what these women come with is a taste for the deeper, more mature pleasures of life. They are whatever a woman should be – whatever a woman can be.

Having an escort by your side who loves golf sport as much as you, is enjoying the company of high society.

A joy that's shared is a joy made double, in particular when playing golf

A man can be gauged by the woman he carries alongside him. And you can shine inside a clubhouse sharing a laugh with stars and famed names. These women belong there blending in effortlessly with the rich and the famous.

It’s all about having an experience of a lifetime. About waking up to a mysteriously beautiful face in bed and having tea above the clouds in Dubai, about teeing off with royal splendor in Scotland, about sunbathing in Miami and socializing with the most famous of names in Augusta. With these escorts for golf, you’re guaranteed of a limelight which you seldom flavored before. And you will shine with them inside a crowded after-party or in your privy hotel suite. Golfing can be so much more than just teeing off!