couple in a bar with alcoholic drinks

Watch the booze when you’re with a special lady

Watch The Booze When You Are With A Very Special Lady

Our escorts like you how you are

It’s a little word of advice for everyone. The festive season is on the way. The nights have started to get darker in various places around the world, and we’re all reaching for a cheeky drink when we finish work! It’s all very well and good having one or two to unwind, but don’t let that dreaded booze catch you up and take over. If there’s one thing any escort, never mind a travel companion, can’t stand, it’s a drunk!

couple in a bar with alcoholic drinks

We’re not saying you’re a drunk of course!

We wouldn’t do that! Besides, we realize that we have an incredible list of clients, which is why we’re sending out friendly reminders now and then. We all like dating tips, but those tips can be quite easily transferable to booking an escort you know. In fact, this is a good way to start thinking about your holiday escort booking as if she was a regular date. Or of course, even your girlfriend; after all, we assume she will be staying with you.

If you were on a date, you wouldn’t be hitting the sauce too hard would you? We didn’t think so! Your date would probably wonder why you felt the need to get so drunk in order to talk to her, and you can bet that your holiday escort will feel the same. Nothing more unattractive to an escort than a hopelessly drunken client, especially when the companion is relatively sober.

The girls know how much to take

You see, the international companions we represent are all professional. Which means that they don’t require any “Dutch courage,” so to speak. That’s not to say they won’t have a drink with you and have some fun. Just make sure that it’s pretty even and that you don’t overindulge. Besides all that, you’re not going to be able to enjoy yourself as much if you’re inebriated, are you? In more ways than one!