escort for ski tours and après-ski st. moritz

Three Fantastic Ideas for Winter Vacations

Three Fantastic Ideas For Winter Vacations

Ideas for Winter Vacations with Beautiful Escort Girls

No amount of money or power can change the weather they say. As Winter tightens its icy grip around Autumn, one could be forgiven for agreeing with that statement. However, you can change YOUR weather and indeed your approach to enjoying it by jetting off to somewhere that is more appealing during the winter months. Of course, you want to go with someone who is incredibly attractive. We have scoured the world to bring you three different ways to either reject or embrace that wintry weather.

First Step: Choose a hot companion

One foolproof way to ignite the flame within is to ensure that whatever you decide to do during winter you share it with the right escort for your winter holiday. At Travel-Escorts, we ensure that our sizzling beauties and red hot models are the ideal choices to make winter a much more pleasurable experience. Your professional girlfriend is likely to be a very accomplished woman skilled in the art of all leisurely pursuits. So whether you decide to face winter head on and hit the slopes or chill out at a remote tropical paradise or perhaps tame the thrill seeker in you with an African safari, the high-class courtesan with whom you choose to share your time will excel in all ways possible.

escort for ski tours and après-ski st. moritz

1. Chill or thrill with your luxury girlfriend

If the cold doesn’t bother you anyway, then the obvious choice has to be Saint Moritz. Breathtaking vistas and limitless indulgence at the Badrutt Palace Hotel, a favorite of the privileged few of which you are to be included. Even if you don’t take advantage of the gloriously beautiful soft powdered snow and decide not to hit the slopes, the Apres ski is still something to look forward to. That's particularly the case when you have invited one of our high-class escorts as your guest. Your private apartment or exclusive hotel suite will provide the necessary warmth and luxury in which you can relax and enjoy the equally breathtaking view that your high-class model escort presents.

2. Walk on the wild side

Escape the winter weather altogether with a stay at one of the luxury safari lodges at a game reserve in South Africa. Get up close and personal with hyenas, black and white rhinos, elephants, cheetahs, Lions, and zebras all roaming the protected African plains for an exhilarating encounter with nature. Enjoy your private evenings together under a canopy of stars where you will no doubt want to connect with each other in the most natural form, intoxicated by the heat and heady pleasure of nature in its purest form.

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3. Escape from reality

Indulge yourself with a magical journey of spiritual awakening and experience emotional freedom with the chance to grow and expand, to heal and release all in the company of an enlightened companion. Enjoy holistic and spiritual sessions to rebalance your chakras and embrace a new, overwhelming sense of inner peace. Escaping from the modern world will allow you to connect with your VIP companion on the most divine level and reach new heights in your personal development and pleasure.

At we can introduce you to the most suitable model courtesans for your needs and if you are looking for ideas on how to best enjoy your time with your professional girlfriend just let us know and our team will always create a bespoke itinerary for you both.

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