zurich is the ideal city for a weekend getaway

Escort for Weekend Getaway Zurich

Escort For Weekend Getaway

VIP Weekend Getaway to Zurich

The birthplace of chocolate and ground zero for banking opacity, Zurich is perhaps one of the most expensive cities to visit. However, class and style are never cheap. This beautiful, historic city has both in abundance. Our affluent and successful clients feel right at home here where trams have almost entirely replaced cars and 50,000 people, nearly a quarter of the population are employed by Swiss banks.

It might be to one of the 275 banks that you are visiting so why not make it a weekend getaway and have one of our sexy travel guides accompany you. You can enjoy the historic architecture on the east bank of the river Limmat where the buildings and the town layout has not changed for centuries. Or perhaps you might prefer to stop and enjoy a coffee at one of the many coffee houses in the city. Here you can sit on the pavements and watch the world go by.

zurich is the ideal city for a weekend getaway

World-class views and serenity

Zurich is nestled between spectacular mountain ranges and Lake Zurich itself, so it couldn’t be a more beautiful setting. Crisp blue skies greet you in the morning. The world class model escort you are with ensures that your mood is elevated and carefree in this idyllic place. Over at Lindenhof square, you can watch the old men playing giant chess not only on weekends, perhaps the inspiration for the Pixar animated short film.

Furthermore, you can gasp in awe at the 360-degree view of the city at the Urania Observatory. The view you will be greeted with every day will be one of flawless perfection and effortlessly chic. Our VIP escort companions are, in every aspect, perfection. Zurich could have been made for them given their understated glamor, style, and well-educated appeal.

You may prefer to stay in Zurich’s Gold Coast with a magnificent uninterrupted view of the lake during your weekend getaway. Here it is quieter than in the main city areas, but you are further out. So if you want to include some nightlife into your trip, then perhaps something more central might be preferred.

Companions for romantic weekends

The nightlife in Zurich is more laid back than you would be used to. However, since it is unlikely that you have chosen Zurich as your party weekender location, a more sedate and intimate approach is what you are looking for.

Quiet jazz bars and candlelit restaurants provide all the after-dark entertainment you need for your weekend getaway. Thus you get to know your luxury girlfriend a little better. Chat and flirt over a fine wine and find out all the things you have in common as our ladies have indeed traveled themselves interesting!

A trip to Zurich evokes romantic notions of snow topped mountains and velvety smooth chocolate. During the getaway to the Alps, you can enjoy both at the same time. If you want to push the boundaries a little then why not arrange a trip for you both to enjoy the thermal baths at the old brewery in the city. Here you can sit in thermal spring water on the rooftop with a spectacular view of the Alps to treasure.

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