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Escort Oktoberfest Munich

Escort Oktoberfest Munich

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Oktoberfest Munich 2017

Oktoberfest has to be the world’s most famous beer festival. Indeed, Oktoberfest is something of a casualty of its own success. It did not happen overnight, and as a successful and affluent businessman, you will understand that these things take time. However, despite the fact that this annual event has been taking place for the last 200 years, it has only been in the last few years that it’s worldwide popularity has meant that organizers now have to limit the attendance levels.

Oktoberfest 2017 Information

In 2017, this biggest folk festival in the world lasts from 16 September until 03 October. On a 100 acre site located at Therese's Green, all the major brewers erect huge marquees with long trestle tables for visitors to sit and enjoy the ultimate party experience during the Wiesn.

The downside is the fact that it is supremely difficult to get a seat at any of these tables. Unfortunately, this is exactly what you need if you want to sample the beers. Given the fact that last year’s Oktoberfest festival counted nearly six million attendees so, of course, the only way to attend is to enjoy VIP status.

oktoberfest munich escorts

Oktoberfest Munich VIP Style Escort

VIP Courtesans for Oktoberfest Visits

The greatest party on earth – and the Oktoberfest clearly deserves this title – demands the greatest companion to fully enjoy it with. For this reason, our supreme travel escort service is just perfect. Our female companions' capacity for fun is only eclipsed by their flawless beauty. Their sense of adventure is sometimes surprising within such outward elegance and refinement.

Our high-end escort girls are International stunners of good breeding, excellent education, and flawless beauty. Many of our VIP escort companions speak multiple languages so when visiting Munich, choose an elite travel companion who also speaks fluent German if you don’t speak the language yourself.

Wiesn with Sexy Women in Dirndl

Our highly skilled courtesans will provide a luxurious and unmatched girlfriend experience which will enhance your trip to Munich during which you could also aim to fit in some local breathtaking sights, not least your high-class escort companion dressed in traditional Bavarian dirndl dress – perhaps you might like to savor that for a more private moment after the Wiesn!

oktoberfest munich 2017 vip escort

High-Class Escorts heighten the Oktoberfest Pleasure

The Oktoberfest in Munich has a wonderful party atmosphere and is best enjoyed in excellent company. To fully experience the full spectrum of fun you will need to stay for at least a weekend if you cannot commit to the full 16-day festival. The opening weekend is perhaps the best as you can see the citywide parade, sample the stalls at the fair and savor the exciting atmosphere as the oompah bands begin to play.

Once you have had your fill of beer and bratwurst, the VIP balconies in the tent provide excellent vantage positions to watch the wild melee below while affording yourself and your Oktoberfest escort a modicum of refinement reserved for only the most respected guests.

Munich Luxury Hotels to relax with your Exclusive Companion

Certainly, it's an atmospheric trip. When you leave the huge beer tents you will most definitely appreciate your time alone in your exclusive hotel. It will offer a brief respite in the noise and a sanctuary of peace and calm in order to truly relax and connect with the Oktoberfest escort at your side.

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