escort mobile world congress mwc barcelona

Escorts Mobile World Congress Barcelona

Escort Mobile World Congress Barcelona

Invite an Escort to the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Barcelona MWC 2017 with a beautiful woman by your side

Barcelona is a remarkable city. With beautiful sights, a long and interesting history, international trade fairs and some of the best nightlife in the world, it’s an incomparable place, especially during the Mobile World Congress (official website). Our gorgeous escorts are magnificent females and just like the city unmatched. All of our elite travel companions are educated women of excellent breeding and stunning good looks, the perfect escort for any man of means. Invite one of our VIP courtesans to accompany you to MWC Barcelona and have the time of your life.

Some of our escorts for the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona

Plan your trip to MWC 2017 Barcelona

If you’re traveling to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress, the world’s biggest mobile and virtual reality conference, consider planning your itinerary to include your personal escort girl. The journey will be all the more exciting for the stimulating companionship of one of our exquisite ladies, and traveling together is a great way to get to know each other in preparation for your time in the city.

Meet one of our elite escorts at the airport of your choice, and take the trip of a lifetime with a beauty beyond compare on your arm. Our exclusive courtesans are not only stunningly beautiful, but often speak many languages, so when choosing among our dazzling array of beauties, choose a professional travel escort who speaks Spanish, if you don’t speak it yourself.

escort mobile world congress mwc barcelona

Attend the WMC with a luxury companion

Our high-class escorts are lively, beautiful ladies, with keen intellects, and will be delighted to accompany you to the world’s biggest mobile conference. Upon your arrival in the city, you will be whisked away to your luxury hotel. This will be a wonderful place from which to explore the city’s sights, but you may have connected so well with your companion that you stay in the hotel more than you had planned. Our escort will be exquisite company no matter what the activity, and you will never regret having her on your arm.

Business female escorts for Glomo Mobile Awards and MWC keynote

The WMC is also the site of the annual Glomo Mobile Awards, the premier awards in the mobile industry, and what better way to celebrate an awards evening than by having one of our exclusive business escort on your arm? Or attend the MWC keynote with her, and bask in admiring glances from the jealous crowd. Browse our selection of beautiful companions for the full girlfriend experience you’ve always wanted.