escort model swimming in the caribbean sea in the bahamas during her holiday

A VIP Client invited me to the Bahamas!

Escort For Vacations To The Bahamas

Holiday Invitation to the Bahamas

Exciting prospects

As a professional photographic model, I do get to travel the world to some unique destinations such as the Bahamas. One might be surprised at the necessity of a luxury location in order to sell swimwear or even jewelry because a beach on the north coast of England simply does not evoke the kind of emotional response required to purchase. However, despite my seemingly carefree existence, the ‘exciting’ career that was the envy of all my friends never seemed to actually allow me any time to enjoy the locations I visited.

My friend introduced me to the elite agency

On the recommendation of a close friend I joined My education, background, outlook on life and of course my looks combined to afford me the unique opportunity to accompany respectable and sophisticated gentlemen as an exclusive travel escort on their various sojourns around the world. I have a fluid sensuality and love to meet new and exciting people so accompanying a gentleman I barely knew was not as daunting as you might have expected. In any case, all of the wonderful companions I have had the pleasure to spend time with, have all been exceptionally accommodating and a genuine joy to be around.

escort model swimming in the caribbean sea in the bahamas during her holiday

A company CEO booked me as his Bahamas escort

A holiday invitation to the Bahamas with a company CEO sounded like a wonderful chance to finally enjoy a location I had only ever briefly visited and after my acceptance and our private introduction we discovered that our mutual interests would pave the way for an exotic and idyllic break together.

Nassau was a once in a lifetime experience!

We arrived at Nassau without the usual long haul exhaustion. The First Class flights to the Bahamas were, well, First Class with our every need attended to by the graciously polite flight attendants. We were met by our waiting car and whisked through the quaint and exceptionally clean streets to our luxury ocean front suite in a beautiful secluded bay. The powder white sands beckoned, and as soon as the staff had withdrawn, nodding introductions made, we changed into our swimwear and padded barefoot straight out onto the soft crystal sands.

Luxury Bahamas style

Our days in the Bahamas were spent luxuriating in the splendor of the contemporary villa with all our whims and desires catered for by a team of indulgent staff. When we ventured out of the sumptuous bubble of perfection, we enjoyed more adventurous pursuits including snorkeling, paddle boarding and even aqua-triking which was a huge amount of fun.

I was amazed at the capacity for fun my suave companion had. We had a shared passion for sports, and it was exhilarating to participate together and even more enjoyable to relax together afterward. As a VIP travel escort, I found it easy to express my pleasure and our mutual appreciation of one another naturally evolved. We dined at the most elegant beachfront restaurants in the Bahamas, where glamor and feminine charm were de rigueur, and I graciously accepted my debonair date’s heartfelt compliments with genuine pleasure.

Perfect matchmaking

The ease at which we connected was due to the careful matchmaking skills of the agency and the open honesty of my companion. It was truly one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences I could have ever hoped for. In fact, the client booked me once again as his escort in Miami.