an enchanting woman in a hotel lobby

My first Hotel Outcall was wonderful!

My First Hotel Outcall

A Unique Experience, written down by Scarlett

I was excited by the prospect of possible luxurious trysts, but nothing could prepare me for the beauty and majesty of the very first invitation that I received shortly after joining Travel-Escorts introduction agency.

Frankfurt Invitation

A prestigious banker had invited me to join him in his luxury hotel suite in Frankfurt as he was visiting the area on business. He was staying at the Villa Rothschild Kempinski which is located relatively close to the city center. When the breathtaking building came into view, I was indeed astounded at just how beautiful it was within its glorious setting. Despite feeling quietly confident on the short flight over to Frankfurt airport, I now felt the tiny flutter of nerves as the chauffeur-driven car swept up the imposing drive.

an enchanting woman in a hotel lobby

My companion was eagerly awaiting my arrival

I was greeted by a staff member who delegated the task of carrying my overnight bag to a uniformed young man. With a sweep of his hand, I was escorted into the historic building and into a small elevator at the side of the ornate-paneled reception. It's the VIP route to the exclusive Rothschild suite. There my companion was eagerly awaiting my arrival.

We had, of course, met before our extended date in Frankfurt. It is always wise to make the acquaintance of a gentleman before deciding to spend considerable time together, and we had found that our personalities complimented one another. Personally, I felt that my companion had a magnetism about him and a personality that I found extremely attractive. Accordingly, I was greeted with a warm embrace and a respectful welcoming kiss.

The hotel was magical

The suite and the hotel itself were magical. Beautiful wood paneling adorned the walls. Luxurious furnishings gave a soft ambiance that encouraged peace and tranquillity. The hotel itself was surrounded by acres of carefully manicured parkland as far as the eye could see. Furthermore, the view of the fairytale Kronberg Castle completed the irresistible setting for our tryst.

While a discreet maid unpacked my weekend possessions, we enjoyed carefully crafted cocktails brought up from the bar. The lounge area gave uninterrupted views out to the castle, and we discussed our plans for our date. My companion explained that he would have to attend to some business in the city in the morning but only for a few hours. Hence, this evening we would enjoy an intimate dinner at the Michelin- starred restaurant on site, and then tomorrow I should make use of the spa facilities within the grounds.

It sent a frisson of excitement through me

The heady combination of such brazenly opulent surroundings and his gentle distinguished company during dinner sent a frisson of excitement through me. The anticipation of the more private intimacy of our suite beckoned. That's why I was eager to return to enjoy the unadulterated luxury and considerate companionship for the remainder of the evening.

The first light of dawn was sneaking across the lawns when we finally fell into an exhausted sleep. Our candlelit conversations had revealed a shared passion for the arts, history, and classical music. It was with this mutual appreciation that we found our connection.