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There is a kind of magic in exploring the world cities with escorts. So indulge in it!

An aesthetic attitude - a state of contemplating something (namely a subject) with a purpose no other than appreciating it! A sensible imagery of the infinite - a perpetual involvement of the intellect! A gaze at Manhattan’s breath-taking skyline or the Grand Canyon right from its edge, enjoying Puccini’s La Boheme’ or Beethoven’s 9th symphony - All these present aesthetic enjoyment, in other words, inflict a sensation of everlasting beauty.

The question which remains- what is the absolute epitome of beauty? Can it be embodied in a single form? Beauty depends on the human perception. It can be the Greek Isles, it can be a Bugatti Yacht, it can be a Rolex, and it can even be a woman. What if all of these are framed into a single moment surrounding you, defining you and un-defining you?

The world has too many details for a lifetime. But given the chance, you will not stop from indulging in them. With the world being the same and you getting older your happiness awaits you. And to grab hold of, you firstly need to take it and then experience it.

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City Breaks around the World

Traveling or in other words wandering to a new place is the purpose of re-establishing harmony which once existed between humans and the universe. That itself holds a beauty of its own. It brings experience which goes unfathomable every day. Different cultures, the colorful magnetism of its vistas and architecture, nature in perfect harmony with urban magnificence, traveling to foreign countries and cities does appear to be another gorgeous face of beauty.

Roving and experiencing beauty in the company of escorts for city trips!

Traveling solo has its perks. It truly is imperturbable, empowering, inspiring and rewarding. But visiting the best cities in the world with a beautiful escort is intrinsically exciting.  Walking hand in hand amidst a lovable city merged with eclectic culture, experiencing new-wave graffiti covered restaurants and hidden bars - present the heart the sweetest ecstasy ever.

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 Some of our Escorts' Favorite Cities

Traveling to cities is unshackled, it is more fantastic than a given dream made up or paid for in factories. To titillate your travel senses, here are some of the top cities with less obvious and more rewarding experiences to enjoy with your escort during your city break.


Grand boulevards, spell-bounding monuments, The Seine with bridges crossing it, Montmartre and its charming streets - all romantically flashed in front of your eyes. All these sights and scenery confirm a city which is elegance personified. And when you are in the company of a graceful city break escort, there is nothing like it.

From the solitude of the Temple of love to a romantic stroll beside the Seine River, to gandering the city environs from the Eiffel Tower. From ordering a plate of cheesy charcuterie, gulping down French wine to enjoying the red brick shops and ancient houses of Place des Vosges. You can revel every single moment of Paris by booking an escort for this city.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

Hosting a slew of marvels, Reykjavik is famed for its serene artworks, colorfully painted houses, and booming night life. It is definitely a top spot to ‘runtur’ or round tour with a gorgeous escort for city trips. A dip in the city’s hot pools with your sensual partner to ease out your Icelandic chills, or cutting loose in boozy blowouts followed up by some passion play in its luxury inns- ecstasy simply doesn’t come any better.

The city’s deep-seated ambiance with fascinating destinations inhabited by enormously welcoming locals, Reykjavik is a city which has everything laid out for you to enjoy with a gorgeous sweetheart.

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The Dutch capital with every possible justification beholds distinctive home-grown creativity. A hub flourished with regenerated shipyards and avant-garde culture, a destination where the air appears truly inviting, where unknown exquisiteness of its exotic landscape seems too irresistible, Amsterdam truly is a great destination for your next city trip with an escort.

However as the saying goes, real beauty is best enjoyed in the company of a companion. And in the company of dedicated city escorts, your heart will completely succumb to the opulence of this ethereal settlement.  These ladies will be the ideal icing on the cake, tending to your happiness on a personal scale - both in continuous daylight to carousing night time drenched in wild fête.

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New York City

Having a repute of hosting iconic locations witnessing numerous marriage proposals, New York City is a great place to let lose all your tediousness with your beautiful escorts city trips. Romance exists all too well in this bustling city. You can simply hold your gorgeous inamorata close by as you stroll in Central Park or swoon on a carriage ride or enjoy the picaresque allures of its cobbled boulevards.

With your devoted escorts city trips, bask in its open fields enriched with flowers, trees, delectable landscapes- in the natural environ of NYC and set your crux aflutter. Being one of the few, this conurbation changes color during Autumn.  Witnessing its thoroughfares getting festooned with tumbled verdures while you cherish every moment in cordial companionship with escorts companion being amidst it- contentment is sure to reach its full satiety!


This city existing on 7 hills besides the Tiber River embodies eternal bliss. And a city-break to this treasure trove with a partner whose objective is to give you happiness in every imaginable manner, repletion reaches a pinnacle. These ladies with their sense of hilarity will pose and laugh and enjoy with you during your visits to the city’s ancient cenotaphs or the Trastevere region filled with charismatic lanes.

At dusk when the city has an allure of its own, they will complement you through the local markets, munch its delectable local as well as continental cuisines, even getting drunk if you need someone to sip with. And when all the daytime activities end, they will end off your day with some privy amorousness.

Rome will definitely inflict a veritable assault on your senses through its fascinating scenery. With beauty enhanced and imbibed across the interiors, a trip with city travel escorts will present you an ensemble of memories which you will revel forever.

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There is plenty of beauty in London to make you deliberately want to extend your visit. Other than Buckingham Palace and the fabled Big Ben, there are many other secrets which await to be reconnoitered.

An abode for the romantics, a city-break with a beautiful escorts city trips is just what fits the yearnings of your inner crux. Regent Parks hosts recreational activities in plenty. From artificial lake, London Zoo, tennis courts etc. there is a whole lot of action which you can take delight in with your city travel escorts in broad daylight.

And later on in the evening when the ambience is serene and perfect for indulgence in sweet-nothings or even some drum-roll-kiss- you can bring out your romantic side and exult in some lone time.

If you are into stage acts, London has offers the best seats for you to enjoy with your beautiful dame. Sitting inside the Royal Opera House with, relishing the best plays, ballets and opera performances with your beautiful city travel escorts, or curling in Luna Cinema open air cinema in their warm company.

Whether downing god’s sweet nectar with love in blind wine tasting tournaments with your escort woman or dining in a fairy kingdom at Clos Maggiore with twinkly lit-up glass roof and a touch of greenery. A trip to London trip will never be experienced better in company of a luxurious escort lady.


Greek columns intertwined with ivy, gorgeous forests with attractive birds, veiled rose-filled gardens leading to magnificent palaces where a stunning lady awaits with convivial arms- looks exactly like a fairy-tale setting. But Berlin has such places and on visiting this ever-alive city, you are sure to get your quixotic nerve tickled.

An idyllic walk on the Hidden Rosé garden or romantic moments on small boat trips in Lake Café am Neuen See. Kissing or hugging inside Tropenhaus, cycling or simply standing in Burgerpark Pankow Bridge gazing the sun-set. In company of these gorgeous belles, companionship and sensuality will be experienced ineffably.

Booking Procedures Escort for City Breaks

City breaks both for short term as well as long term basis are always welcomed by these upscale models. Clubbing, casinos, sophisticated dinner followed by a night filled with ergogenic action, you will find endless possibilities. Irrespective of their availability and your preferred kind of services, you will have to ensure that you make your appointments at least 2-3 days before mainly to avoid last minute charges.

Specific rules for booking involve the location, dates, your chosen model and the duration. These models are classy and travel by business class, (economy only if it is for a short duration). As the bookings are confirmed, a percentile of depositions has to be made in advance.

Particular requirements of our high-profile city travel escorts

Since these escorts cater to only intelligent and cultured grandees having familiarity of appropriate conducts, there are certain things which you as a client will need to abide by:

  • Freedom for one is one crucial aspect which you need to give these ladies. They should have in their possession their own room keys. They should occasionally have un-interrupted access to come and go wherever they desire.
  • Requisite resting and grooming time. Being ungentlemanly towards privacy is something which is unacceptable with these models. They should be allowed 8 hours of sleep and at least an hour of two to groom themselves.
  • Also, if you have a special request such as a particular attire or look which you want them to flaunt, then you have to inform them before-hand. Also if you plan on taking them to a location which was changed at the last moment without detailing them much, then you will have to purchase your desired attires for them. This can be an overcoat, or a gown or even a sexy bikini.

Special note: Though it is not necessary to mention this to the usual gentleman, first-timers will have to understand that cutting corners is simply not an option here. As stated before, these models are classy and are habituated to leading a luxurious life. Hence it is advisable to keep them in similar lifestyle that they are accustomed with i.e. 5 star quality standards.

Treating the city girls as you would treat ‘Your Lady’

These escorts city trips expect love and admiration from your part. Their commitment towards pleasing you is unquestionable. So in return they expect to be treated with utmost respect and genuine care. After all, these women are your better half for those few days. Experiences gathered in these beautiful, charming and alive cities are all about sharing moments of laughter and innocent joy.

Some say brainy is the new sexy. Truth be told, these women are just that and a lot more. They will exceed your expectations, join your conversations and put the perfect last word to your sentences. They will charm you, make you drop that gentlemanly attire you have on and cherish whatever that’s inside. In short, this is just what these escorts city trips consider as a profession.

For you, it’s all about replicating the attention they give. Each day spent has too many moments for simply laying low between the sheets. Not that you would mind, but Paris has too many lonely cobbled alleyways left untraveled. Berlin has too many beer-mugs un-emptied, Rome has too many mocha un-brewed - there’s too much of the world left unseen.

Imbibe in pleasant sensations with city escorts

Paul Theroux stated- “The wish to travel seems to me characteristically human.” And it’s true in to the last letter.  The human desire is for plentitude, to fulfill their curiosity or ease out their fears, it is to alter reality into a better one. Only being a stranger to a new scenario, to make new friends, to witness mysterious landscapes.

Risking out into the unknown and making new discoveries is what makes travelling a form of beauty. Indulge in real voyage of discoveries with a fabulous escorts city trips and take yourself beyond the horizon both inside and outside.