escort for carnival rio de janeiro

Escort Carnival Rio de Janeiro

Escort for Carnival Rio De Janeiro

Beautiful Companions for Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

The carnival capital of the world, a trip to Rio de Janeiro is certainly not complete without capturing the atmosphere, excitement and hedonistic pleasure of this annual 5-day spectacle and euphoric event. The particular date may change every year, but 40 days before Easter the party heats up with various events in all the squares, streets, bars and clubs throughout the city culminating in the Samba parade at the Sambodrome that is free for everyone to enjoy. Our escorts love carnival and are particular looking forward to receiving your booking for Rio.

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The longest parade in the World

The beauty of the carnival is the fact that everyone gets involved regardless of social status, wealth or gender. At carnival time, gender and social boundaries are blurred and everyone comes together with a real heart for a fun time and expression of love for life.

As a guest in the city at Carnival time, you will be treated with great respect and an overwhelming welcome from everyone you meet. You and your professional girlfriend escort can immerse yourselves entirely in the preparations, balls, parties and parade itself with an anything goes attitude and a discard for social restrictions although once the parade has finished, it marks the beginning of Lent and the start of abstinence from all bodily pleasures. In the UK, we just refrain from eating chocolate, but in Rio, they take it a little further so perhaps you will want to shift your break over to Copacabana or Ipanema from Ash Wednesday onwards.

Invite an Escort model to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

The global escort that you choose to share your Rio Carnival experience with, will of course be a passionate and sensual woman, extrovert and also bohemian in her passion for fun and pleasure. As well as the actual parade itself there are a number of balls you can attend over the course of five days so you will want a star escort who is vibrant, energetic and shares your passion for riotous fun. Indulge in Brazilian caipirinhas and local beers whilst the hypnotic beat takes you to another level of incandescent pleasure.

escort for carnival rio de janeiro

Copacabana Holidays

Having fun can be exhausting especially during the relentless carnival atmosphere so it would be wise to savor a few hours of private and intimate peace at your high-class hotel with your high-class professional girlfriend. Allow her to indulge you and lavish all her attention on you as you recover from your wilder party pursuits of the night before. The best place to stay is the Copacabana Palace Hotel which is situated right on the beach and from here you can arrange visits to other amazing sights such as the Christ the Redeemer statue on Corcovado Mountain. If you are ready to party again as the sun sets then Banda de Ipanema block or street party is another excellent place to enjoy as it attracts up to 1 million people all eager to dance and express their joy although you may need to arrange a different wardrobe for this as cross-dressing is de rigueur!

Such a momentous event deserves an exquisite companion and at we have the experience and the portfolio to ensure that you are introduced to beautiful, passionate and utterly irresistible International women of quality to ensure that your trip is something to treasure for years to come.

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