brunching in a cafe that offers brunch menus

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Breakfast, lunch, call it what you will, but we’ve spotted some of the best places in the city (in our humble opinion) for you to enjoy. If you’re in Berlin for any length of time, you could probably try more than one of these brunch cafes and restaurants. But then again, when you are with one of our illustrious escorts, it doesn’t matter what time you eat, or indeed what you call it, does it?

brunching in a cafe that offers brunch menus

Best brunches in Berlin

Alpenstück – Gartenstrasse 9

A lovely place to go for brunching with a beautiful young woman at any time of the day. However, we know that you’ll impress the hell out of her if you take your escort for an early breakfast here when all the bread is freshly baked and tasting delicious! The brunch food is all homemade and delightful. They seem to have some secret brunch recipes! Pastries and bread are their specialties, but there’s plenty of regional cuisine on the menu. The location is truly lovely too, off the beaten track and relatively quiet.

Eiffel – Kurfürstendamm 105

If you like eggs, then this is the place. Seriously, it may sound a little crazy, but our travel escorts do think that they’ve found the best eggs in Berlin! Scrambled, poached, Benedict, it doesn’t matter, they’re all good! We like cafes that are full of locals, with very few tourists, and this is one of them. You can fit into the local breakfast routine here. It’s even better if you have a beautiful escort girl with you of course!

Cafe Morgenland – Skalitzer Strasse 35

We also happen to like cafes and brunch restaurants where they don’t push you around. There’s nothing worse than lounging around in a café having brunch with a lovely companion, only to have the waiting staff pestering you to leave as soon as possible. Luckily Cafe Morgenland is big enough and comfortable enough to keep you happy. The cakes and pancakes are delicious here, and the brunch time is all day long!

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