travel with an escort girl to the country or take a city break

Can you handle the cold in the UK?

Can You Handle The Cold In The UK?

City break or escape to the country?

Perhaps you’re from the UK? Or maybe you’ve been before, and you know what it’s like this time of year. Well, if you haven’t, we can safely tell you that it’s starting to get icy. But if you can handle it, this cold weather gives you the perfect reason to cuddle up somewhere nice and warm with a talented and attentive travel escort.

travel with an escort girl to the country or take a city break

City break

It’s not just London that offers the best in city breaks you know. In fact, terms of value, you may get more out of a trip to Liverpool, Manchester, or York. York for one is relatively small compared with the others, but it has some lovely historical points of interest and some very quaint bed and breakfasts.

It’s relatively rare in our experience as a travel escort agency to find that people who live in the country book city breaks. A city break is usually booked by those of you coming from anther busy strangely enough. It’s as though you have it in your veins! To some people escaping to the country would be a nightmare, simply because they’re out of their comfort zone!

Escape to the country

To others, including our holiday escorts, an escape to the country couldn’t be better. That's even more so appealing during the colder weather strangely enough. It's usually because of those old stereotypical images of couples cuddled up warm by the fireside in a friendly cottage or pub. And this isn’t too far from the truth either. If you do have a travel companion in mind from our website, we are confident that they’d love to spend time with you in front of an open fire in a quintessential English boozer!


Now, here’s the best part. We have quite many travel escorts already in the UK. Most reside in London of course, but the beauty of the UK is that it’s a small place. It means that your companion doesn’t have to travel too far to be with you. Thus you'll save time and money!