travel companion great time in greece

Enjoying Greece with a travel companion

Escort For Greece

Our Elite Companions love the Greek Islands

You know we are the agency you turn to if you want Greek goddesses, but where do you go in Greece to have the best time? We’ve been having a look at the Greek Islands, and we’ve managed to give you a little list of where to go with your companion. We can tell you this much. All of the escort girls we represent would be euphoric indeed to accompany you to one of the destinations we’ve listed today.

travel companion great time in greece

The best Greek Islands to go with travel companions

  • Corfu. Corfu isn’t just about the tourist trade you know. In actual fact, they’ve done a very sensible thing and put a cap on it so that the island doesn’t get spoiled. You’ll find most of the tourist destinations on the island to be located around the coastal areas, but there are still some lovely quiet patches of coast there if you’re willing to search. What’s best about Corfu however, is the fact that it’s steeped in historical ambiance further inland. A very romantic and wonderful island.
  • Delos. If it is indeed history you’re looking for, then how about the alleged birthplace of the god Apollo? The whole island of Delos is now a World Heritage Site. The ancient Greek ruins here are indeed a very humbling site to behold.
  • Mykonos. You may well find some cheap hotels here, but the emphasis is on the high end, boutique style holidays here. It’s a little pricier than the more “touristy” islands, but it’s worth the extra, especially if you’re looking to impress one of our travel companions.
  • Crete. Another incredibly rustic island, specializing in the whole historical ambiance of the Greek islands. There are some delicious restaurants on this beautiful little island, and it’s certainly the center of Greek cuisine in our opinion. We would like to personally recommend Votsalakia in Koutsourás. They have very cheap seafood which is prepared simply and tastes fantastic!

Obviously, there are many more islands, but it would take a much longer article to tell you about them all. However, these are our top four at the moment. We are quite sure that our travel companions would easily elect to go to any of them with you, or meet you there; indeed, our elite escorts would go to any of the Greek Islands!