chiltern firehouse in the evening

Eating out in style at Chiltern Firehouse London

London Cuisine Insider Tip

My fantastic Restaurant Experience last Night in London

We dined at Chiltern Firehouse London the other night, and we were very impressed. So, quite naturally we thought we’d share our experience with you. If you’re heading to London and you want somewhere nice to take a London Escort or one of our travel companions, we would highly recommend this place.

Chiltern Firehouse

Chiltern Firehouse is as its name suggests, an old firehouse. In fact, we were seated next to the table that has the fireman’s pole in the center of it. Not sure why anyone would want to sit at this table, to be honest, but it seemed to fit the three suited gentlemen that had this prized position, just behind the maître d’. Our table was much less cluttered. Our first impression of Chiltern Firehouse London was that it’s a relatively trendy crowd here. However, there was a wide mixture of age groups. We love this about London these days, everyone can go practically anywhere, and no-one cares a bit.

The waiting staff was all very well dressed, and some quite alternative looking, which made a pleasant change. The standard, fashionable beards are on full show from the waiters of course, but hair a little messy, the occasional tattoo on display and hair tied back, all added to the chic style. They knew absolutely everything about the menus and the wine as if they’d been to a morning briefing (perhaps they had!). It’s the place to take a travel companion if you’re out to impress her!

The food

The food is five star, make no mistake about it. I forget what one of our friends had to start, but I do remember that we also had oysters, and a delightful celeriac dish, served with wild mushrooms. The main courses went down very well with some fine red wine. Pan fried chicken was done to perfection, and the lamb and steak were both excellent. Didn’t have desserts, but if you’re taking an escort with you, this would be the place to enjoy one and gaze into her eyes over coffee.



Everything, right down to the restrooms and the smoking area out the back, is perfect. Chiltern Firehouse is also a hotel should you want to spend the night. You see, you never have to go too far when you’re in London if you pick the right place. And the right holiday escorts too of course!

Booking your travel escort companion

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