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Where to eat around Dublin: Our top three

Where To Eat Around Dublin: Our Top 3

Best choices for going out with a female

If you’re in Britain, Ireland is a very short trip, where you can discover a lot. One of the outstanding cities is Dublin. Of course, we can only tell you the most important things about Dublin. But we will discuss where in Dublin to take your female travel companion for some remarkable dining experiences.

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Our picks

  • Fallon & Byrne – 11-17 Exchequer Street. There’s a nice little delicatessen downstairs here, but it’s upstairs where all the magic happens. Locally sourced, fresh and exciting food, in a lovely relaxed and subtly luxurious setting. Do make a special point of checking out the wine, to buy and take away, or to have your dinner or lunch; there are plenty of things you can choose. Our travel escorts strongly recommend that you try the Carlingford Lough oysters; fresh and local!
  • Dax – 23 Pembroke Street. Dax is a restaurant you go to for a very special occasion, simply because it’s one of the best in Dublin. It was awarded best restaurant in the city in 2014, and that’s only a couple of years ago. Likewise, we have it on good authority from our holiday escorts that the standards haven’t slipped a bit! It’s run by Olivier Meisonnave, a Frenchman who knows his food and his restaurants. We recommend trying the local Irish beef. You don’t often hear about Irish-French cuisine, but after you’ve been here, you’ll never stop talking about it. The wine and cheese choices here are excellent by the way. Let your waiter guide you a little if you’re not sure.
  • The Woollen Mills – 42 Ormond Quay. The Woollen Mills is a restaurant that covers four floors! It’s a bar and a café too you see, and each floor is very nicely done out indeed. You should go here to dine, even if it’s to share the stunning views from the roof terrace with your VIP Escort. As well as the fine food, they have some excellent offers too, leaving them one of the least pretentious restaurants in Dublin. What’s better is that the place always seems to be open! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, you’ll want to eat there all the time!

Why not let your escort decide?

There you have three of our top choices, based on experience. But here’s a thought. Why not tell your escort when she has arrived that you have read reviews for three fantastic places to eat (lunch or dinner, it doesn’t matter) and let her pick one? There’s nothing like giving the women in your life a few choices!

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