dubai is a fun city

Dubai Fun With Sexy Companions

Sexy Travel Companions for Dubai 2017

Discover new Dubai attractions with a magnificent escort

You’re probably all aware that Dubai is one of the greatest cities on the planet and that’s why our companions like to travel to Dubai as Dubai Escorts. It’s quickly becoming the world’s playground, and if you’re going there in the next couple of months, you’ll have even more reason to consider it so.

Luxury highlights

It's because those Dubai geniuses have come up with even more beautiful places for you to enjoy. You’ve all heard of the massive shopping mall in Dubai, the wonderful, luxury hotels, and all those wonderful beach resorts and restaurants? They also have the world’s tallest building for goodness sake. Let’s face it, Dubai is one of the most fun and exciting cities on the face of the earth. And to top it all off, they’ve just introduced a couple of theme parks!

dubai is a fun city

New theme parks 2017 for your entertainment

IMG Worlds of Adventure has just opened gentlemen, and if you like a multi-themed park, you really should go along to this one. We won’t go into great detail about it, we’ll do this in a later blog post perhaps, but suffice to say it’s going to be a fun place to do something a little different with your international escort companion.

There’s also another theme park on its way – due to open in October – called Dubai Parks and Resorts, and this will be the more luxury style park. Lots to do here, as well as having wonderful luxury accommodation by the Marriott group, and a whole host of fabulous restaurants where you can entertain your exciting young escort girl.

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But you don’t want to go alone, do you? Do you want to book a Dubai escort when you get there, or would you rather have the choice of any escort in the world? Well, not every escort in the world, just the ones represented by us of course. You can trust that they’ll be among the best on the planet though, we wouldn’t represent any international escorts that didn’t meet our strict criteria. So, don’t book the local talent, have your choice of escort girl from anywhere in the world. Our escorts love to travel, and they’ll be where you want them when you want them!