woman going out to a houston bar in black cocktail dress

Drinking up a storm in Houston with a travel escort

Drinking Up A Storm In Houston With A Travel Escort

Bars and Parties in Houston

Although our Houston escorts don’t make a habit of drinking too much, they like to party just as much as the next girl. They also like to party in nice places, with nice people, in much the same way as you do. So if you’re planning a weekender in Houston, we would urge you to book your company from Travel-Escorts. There are few agencies like our out there!

woman going out to a houston bar in black cocktail dress

Excellent drinking ideas

We have a little knowledge when it comes to Houston, and we’d like to recommend a couple of bars for you.

  • The Last Concert Café on Nance Street is an excellent choice. In the tradition of the old speakeasy bars, this place has its doors closed after hours. However, you only have to knock, and it’ll be answered, allowing you and your Houston escort some lovely late night drinking in an atmosphere you’re not likely to forget.
  • Chapultepec Lupita on Richmond Avenue is the place to go if you love tequila and like to drink late at night. And let’s face it, when you’re with one of our international escorts, you’re not going to want the evening to end. They also do some pretty good Mexican food, and it’s open until 02.00!

November drinking in Houston

We found a nice little idea for you this month actually, if you’re interested? There’s a whiskey tasting session going on at Reserve 101 – 1201 Caroline Street – on November 29th at 18.30. It’ll cost you 20 bucks to get in, but we’re reckoning on it being a blast. Especially if you like whiskey that is! Why not make an evening of it with one of our travel escort models?

Learn about Houston

We’re sure you’ll find some other great bars to visit when you’re there. Get to know the locals! They’re nice people in Houston, and they’ll tell you where to go that’s hot. You can also refer to our own Houston escorts city guide if you want some ideas on where to go.