dream destinations for fulfilling travel dreams

Dream Vacations: Fulfilling your Travel Fantasies

Dream Vacations With Our Upscale Escorts

The biggest Vacation Dreams

For most travelers, a dream vacation will remain just that, but for the lucky few where money is no object, some magical destinations simply have to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. A "travel escort" is a companion for worldwide trips, who just by her presence can enhance your trip and provides that missing ingredient that takes your experience from enjoyable to rapturous.

dream destinations for fulfilling travel dreams

Premium Female Travel Partners for Dream Destinations

At Travel-Escorts.com, our premium travel companions accept invitations from selective, successful gentlemen to absolute dream locations. Authentic enjoyment will elude those who do not take the time to consider the quality of their travel partner carefully. However, all of our discreet VIP escorts are perfect for a dynamic GFE in locations that stir the imagination and make cherished memories.

Where will your fantasy trip take you? A one of a kind experience should be complimented with a gilt-edged invitation for one of our very special travel escorts to share the delights of utopia. But while the most common dream escapes are to explore the hidden tropical gardens of Eden in far-flung locations across the planet, other dream trips are slightly more unusual.

the choice of dream travel destinations offers endless possibilities for vacations with your travel partner

Fulfill your travel fantasies

Beijing to Moscow

Some say it is the journey, not the destination that counts and this is certainly the case if you take a trip on the trans-Siberian railroad from Beijing to Moscow. Old time glamor and cinematic scenery abound when you embark on an epic discovery of the forbidden city and the great wall before thundering through the Gobi desert and Mongolian Alps towards the glittering palaces of the Tsars.

Sip champagne in the elegant dining car with your flawlessly beautiful and well-traveled international companion and fall asleep to the gentle rocking of your luxury double cabin.

Great Barrier Reef

If you prefer to take part rather than spectate, then an isolated South Pacific island will provide the heavenly backdrop to enjoy snorkeling, hiking, river rafting and even shipwreck diving. Your invited escort companion will fully immerse herself in whatever action packed activities you enjoy as her free spirit will uplift, intensify and accommodate your shared pleasure.

Perhaps a trip to the kaleidoscopic spectacle of the Great Barrier Reef is somewhere that you have always yearned for. Your skilled international courtesan will be as eager as you to discover the dazzling corals, rays, unique tropical fishes and sharks. When you return to the surface, your mutual connection will be amplified by the once in a lifetime experience you have just shared.

French Polynesia

Lush tropical oases are the top choice for those seeking a romantic setting to enjoy an intimate encounter away from modern civilization. The volcanic archipelago of French Polynesia is where you will find the idyllic paradise of Tahiti. Discover together the coral reefs, azure lagoons, and magnificent waterfalls in the day and when the stars come out relax together in meaningful companionship in your private stilted thatched bungalow atop the warm shallow waters of the Tropics.

Inviting a beautiful and genuine young lady to share your travel fantasies and fulfill lifetime dreams will translate into significant and exquisite memories of your shared experiences. If you book an escort for Maldives, your Elite companion will be obliging and generous with her attentions as the confines of society melt away in the fantasy you have created together.

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