discreet escort bookings and secret escort dates

Get your story straight when you book a discreet escort

Discreet Escort Bookings - Your Wife Won't Know It!

Being discreet includes having a credible Excuse for your Absence - so get your Story straight!

We can't judge whether you need to have a story, but we can make sure that if you require having a story, it will be a good one. Everything else between you and your escort will be your personal secret thanks to our discreet bookings!

We understand that every man needs the company of an attentive woman, whether he has a partner already or not. Some people are in relationships where this is perfectly understood. Again, this isn’t for us to judge. But if you don’t want to mess up someone who could potentially be hurt by you booking a travel companion or booking an escort to meet you at your travel destination, you need to be discreet and sensitive to their feelings.

discreet escort bookings and secret escort dates


If you have someone you are in a relationship with, or you are even particularly close to, let us just say here and now, if go on holiday without them you’re making a mistake. Unless of course, you can come up with a very good reason to go on holiday without your wife instead of informing them about your holiday plans with an escort. Ideas that spring to mind could be to visit relatives, or perhaps long lost friends that your partner is never likely to meet or hear of every again. Either way, it’s a tricky one gentlemen!

Business trip

This is by far the most common reason to escape somewhere and take a beautiful young woman with you. Saying you will be on a business trip is an easy and good excuse if you already have a job that commands you travel to different parts of the world of course, but if you don’t, it could be a little more difficult. Perhaps you could look up some conventions or events that could have something to do with your career, elsewhere in the world, or even elsewhere in the country. That’s still better than telling your wife that you spend your business trips with gorgeous women :-).

Book from a highly professional, discreet agency

Firstly, we are highly discreet about your booking with us, but you need to make sure you are too. Be careful where you go, who might see you, and where you spend your money if you have someone else looking at your statements! Our privacy policy is among the best in the escorting community, and we will never disclose your information to another person. As far as we are concerned, once your booking is concluded, we take measures that nothing can be traced back to you.

You can always book our escorts with confidence, security, and discretion!