marseille is a gourmet city

Dinner for two in Marseille

A Dinner For Two In Marseille

‘Cuisine Française’ in Marseille - with a young Female!

The French really know how to cook! We’re not going to give you a run down on a load of random restaurants in Marseille where you could impress the hell out of your female travel escort. However, we are going to choose just two of our escorts' favorite restaurants in Marseille at the moment.

We say “at the moment,” because we mean it, however. A good review is only good at the time of its publication. If you read this in a couple of months, the places we mention may not even be open; although we sincerely doubt it!

marseille is a gourmet city

Our top picks for dinner

  • L’Épuisette. A gorgeous little restaurant on Vallon des Auffes that’s as romantic as hell! Great seafood! Our companions love the wonderful views of the sea too! You can’t fault this place, but we do recommend booking as far in advance as you can.
  • Chez Fonfon. The food is like artwork at Chez Fonfon, another of our favorites on Rue du Vallon des Auffes. It’s a very high-class affair here, so it will suit you down to the ground we’re sure! It’s also very pricey, but when you try the fresh fish you will certainly know where the extra money has been spent.
  • La table de Casimir. A delightful Italian restaurant on Rue d’Italie. There are a few Italian restaurants in Marseille that our escorts recommend, but we have to write this one down because some of our international VIP Escorts have dined here before. Accordingly, our Marseille Escorts really rate it highly. Fresh food, great atmosphere, and pretty reasonable prices.

Why book a female companion for Marseille?

You could take a woman you already know with you to dinner, but what if you don’t know anyone in Marseille? Well, the solution is easy: You call us, and we will send you a Marseille companion for your dinner! We know there are many of you out there who travel, for both business and pleasure, so we know that sometimes you’re going to be alone in French cities. And it’s never fun going to dinner on your own, especially in France. Another great reason is that all the travel companions we represent are professionals, and they travel all over the world, all the time. But then, who’s to say that the girl who takes your eye, isn’t actually already in France? Or even in Marseille! So book your Marseille Date now!