inviting a travel companion to unique restaurants

Dining experiences for your bucket list

Dining Experiences For Your Bucket List

Are you a fan of very special restaurants?

We all have a “bucket list” right? How many of you have restaurants on there? Not many we’ll bet. But wait until you’ve seen some of the weirdest, and most wonderful places in the world to dine. You’re going to want a travel companion with you at some of these sites, just to testify to the fact that you’ve been there!

inviting a travel companion to unique restaurants

Weird and wonderful restaurants

There are strange cities and towns all over the world. There are exotic and exciting cuisines to try, but restaurants don’t usually come in the “unknown” category. It’s usually pretty standard that they should be comfortable, and pretty standard in design. We’re going to briefly tell you about two experiences we’ve had in recent years.

  • Grotta Palazzese in Italy. Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man) would be proud of a place like this, just because it looks as though it could quite easily fit in with his mountainside home. This restaurant is cut into the side of the mountain, right where the sea crashes against the rocks. It is truly stunning! You have to see it to believe it. You don’t have to worry too much about being swept away because you’ll have your seat over 70 feet above sea level. It’s one of the most romantic and Instagram-worthy places you could ever take your holiday escort! One reason is that it’s romantically lit at night, as the waves are crashing against the rocks.
  • The Rock Restaurant. No, it’s not on Alcatraz Island, it’s in Zanzibar believe it or not. It's somewhere you take someone very special indeed, so it’s perfect for a travel escort booking. It’s a weird and wonderful choice because it is just a rock in the ocean! It’s as simple as that. There are only 12 tables in there, and you’re going to have to wait until low tide if you want to walk there. If the tide is in, you’re going to need a boat! Don’t worry though! If you’ve made a reservation here, they’ll get you in and out! We have to say that even though it’s simple, it’s one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world.

What about the food?

We’ve just realized that we have told you nothing at all about the food at these two stellar restaurants. Well, you can probably work out that it’s going to be amazing quality right? If you have a restaurant like this that attracts so many people, you are going to make sure the cuisine is high standard. Just make sure you take companions of the highest standard with you!