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What else can you get up to Motor City?

What Else Can You Get Up To Motor City?

Our Travel Companions are curious about Detroit

Detroit aka Motor City isn’t just a fine city to find beautiful Detroit escorts and dine in excellent company, maybe take in a club and a few bars and then disappear to your hotel. No, it’s much more than this. We are writing this post today in the hope that we’ll give you a little inspiration to get out of your hotel and do something a little different.

In any case, you can’t spend all your time in the hotel with your travel companion. Or can you? Far be it from us to interfere, but did you ever think that your girlfriend on time might want to go sightseeing, or to take a walk, or just do something different for a change!

enchanting female mgm grand detroit

Entertain your Detroit escort in style

You see, if your companion is from Detroit, or somewhere nearby, she’s likely to have spent time in a lot of restaurants and bars. And of course even hotels. However, how often do you find that the residents of a city, don’t ever visit the places that their city has and maintain for people to visit? Tourism is the backbone of many cities and Detroit is no different these days. That's especially true since the car manufacturing business isn’t as great as it was all those years ago even if it's still called Motor City.

Doing something different

It’s not easy to think out of the box, we know only too well. But you really will be surprised at just how many young women like to do things that aren’t “in the box”. Think for a moment about what they do as part of their career, all the time. Going out for dinner and drinks isn’t always as much fun as getting out and about to see the sights. We’re saying that going out to dinner is something your travel companion will enjoy, but there are different things to see in Michigan than food and cars.

Just three ideas for Motor City

  • Hitsville USA. An unusual title of a place we know, but it’s interesting. It’s apparently the very first home of Motown Recording, so you can appreciate just how much of a big deal this is if you know anything at all about Motown or music of course.
  • MGM Grand. No, we’re not referring to a hotel. We already know it’s a good place if you want a personal recommendation. However, we are of course talking about the casino. You don’t have to be staying there to enjoy placing some bets while sipping on a cocktail and enjoying the company of a beautiful travel escort!
  • Museum of Contemporary Art. The Detroit Escorts we represent are all quite intelligent young things. So, there is a chance they’ve never been to the museum, even if they reside in the city. So do them a favor and take them for a quick tour before dinner.

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You owe it to yourself to take a closer look at Detroit. And if you want to learn more about our recommendations for the city, take a look at our Detroit escorts guide.