detroit escort indoor amusement downtown

Detroit indoor amusement ideas for December

Having Fun In Detroit

Indoor amusement ideas for December

When you’re with a beautiful companion the city is your oyster, so to speak. It doesn’t make that much difference what you get up. After all, you know it’s going to be fun with a travel escort. However, if you’re short on a little inspiration, we have some indoor amusement ideas for you to prevent disappointment due to the rainy weather in winter. It never hurts to have a few ideas shooting around. In particular, Detroit is a beautiful city, with much to offer. So here are our winter Detroit recommendations.

detroit escort indoor amusement downtown

Get a little soul in your life!

Yes, a Detroit escort is sure to give you plenty of soul, but there’s also the fantastic Motown Historical Museum, a fantastic indoor idea in December. If you’ve ever danced to a Jackson Five record, you’re going to appreciate what’s on show in this place. It’s not huge by any means, but the stuff in there is one of a kind and very groovy! You can actually go and sing in the same place as some of our favorite Motown legends like Stevie Wonder or Marvin Gaye. Certainly, your companion will be delighted to accompany you and it will be a great amusement; if you can sing that is!

Go fowling!

Bowling is probably one of the oldest “date night” things ever when you think about indoor amusement during the cold time of the year, so it’s highly appropriate to take Detroit escorts out on the lanes for a while. They’re not without their fun side you know! However, this isn’t bowling; it is called fowling. To be more precise, it’s a bar sport where you end up throwing footballs (American footballs you understand) at bowling pins. It’s better tried when you’ve had a few beers in our opinion, but none the less it's great fun!

Have fun with your Detroit Escort!

Having fun is the most important thing to do of course, whether you’re going out to dinner with a few drinks for amusement, or you’re off bowling. It makes no difference. Just make sure you book your Detroit Escorts from our famous agency, and we’ll ensure that the time you have will be remembered for the rest of your life!