weekend in the country

A delightful weekend in the country

A Weekend in The Country - With An Escort!

Spend a wonderful Weekend with a beautiful Travel Companion

One is rather tempted to envisage a stone cottage in The Lake District, or perhaps somewhere in the Yorkshire countryside right? Well, that’s all very possible, but it’s important that you remember that there is indeed “countryside” all over the world and that our escorts can go there with you too.

Two places spring to mind when it comes to country retreats and weekends away: UK and France. We are speaking from a UK perspective here. If you’re in the UK currently, a weekend away doesn’t need to be too far, does it? Otherwise, it never feels like a break, to tell the truth. All that traveling can be bothersome, even with a companion, if you’re only going for a couple of days. So we chose the two places that are the closest!

weekend in the country

Country retreats in the UK

Obviously, if you’re going anywhere in the UK on a weekend break, you’re not too far away. You’re more than likely going to drive there, so you can arrange to pick up your travel escort locally. We will sort all that out for you of course. Departing on your weekend from London is probably the best option since most of our UK based companions will be residing in or around there. Might we suggest the Lakes? Or perhaps a nice cottage in Devon or Cornwall? If you’re feeling like a long drive from London with your companion, maybe even Scotland. This way you can make a day of it and stop off for a nice lunch somewhere.

Country retreats in France

The Eurostar has presented so many international travelers with a lot of choices these days; you can hop on there and be where you need to be in hours. You can go all the way to Paris if you wish and then drive off into the countryside. There are some excellent wine regions in France, and some gorgeous little cottages to rent for the weekend or longer. The South of France is particularly nice this time of year too!

So, regardless where you choose to go, we know you will indeed have a delightful weekend in the country with one of our companions.