attractive young female on board while cruising the seas

Cruising with a travel escort: A word or two of advice

Tips For Cruising With Our VIP Escorts

Don’t want to go on a cruise trip alone? Then book an attractive travel escort on board!

Cruising the seas is a lovely experience. Seeing all those different countries and being able to hop on and hop off the ship as you please, is simply inspiring. What’s even better is being able to share this experience with an international travel escort. These talented and highly professional young women love to go on cruises. This is because, like you, they love to relax and do away with all the hassles of airport travel, etc. Sometimes it’s good to sit back, enjoy the ride, and let someone else do all the organizing! And remember, that’s what we’re here for too!

attractive young female on board while cruising the seas

Remember your escort’s needs on board

However, there are a few things that we would like to bring to your attention before you book your travel companion for cruising around the world. It’s important that you understand that we are not implying anything by the following comments and that they should act as a gentle reminder. You see, being on a cruise with an escort is somewhat different than any other scenarios, since you are together on board for an extended period, in relatively close proximity.

  • It’s important that you remember that your escort needs her own space and time on board. We are confident that she is going to have a lovely time, and that she is going to enjoy your company, but everyone needs time apart, even during a short holiday. That's even more important on long cruises. We are not talking about her going off to explore cities on her own of course. That would be silly. And besides, your escort has probably already explored most of the cities. No, what we mean is that while aboard the ship, you may want to negotiate some “off duty” time, so your escort can recharge her batteries, etc. and chill out on her own, maybe catching up with some friends or loved ones digitally.
  • Pay the bill. There can be nothing worse for an escort than worrying whether or not she has to pay for anything on board. That's not the idea when you book a travel companion for cruising. You book her as your guest, and you pay for everything she needs. It will include all of her drinks, food, and entertainment. After all, you have paid her for her time and entertainment value, right?
  • Be the perfect gentleman on the boat. We don’t doubt that you are the perfect gent. You should be at your best when you take a VIP escort on a cruise. After all, it’s not easy for her to leave, is it? You want her to feel relaxed on board and confident at all times and never concerned about a thing. Only this way will you get the full value of your booking. You treat your luxury escort like the princess she so clearly is, and your attentions and affections will be reciprocated!

Plan everything in advance

Overall, make sure you have fun on board. It’s a good idea to ensure that you can indeed pay for everything before you book. In fact, you want to provide everything both of you desire while you’re cruising. You are not going to enjoy yourself if you can’t afford it, and your VIP escort certainly won’t be able to either. Cruising the seas can be an unforgettable experience!

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