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The Most Luxurious Regal Cruise Vacations, Destinations and a Cruise Escort

There are always a thousand places left unseen, seas left not voyaged and moments left not savored. For those with that flavor for time and that heart which longs for spending moments on the sea to indulge in the unkempt joys of land, luxury cruise liners are waiting for their next sail. It's not for those who’d strap onto a plane to reach the Bahamas in hours if not a day or more. Cruise vacations are for those who want to cherish each moment sailing smoothly on the oceans – the journey can be just as handsome if not more. And all of this is mere foreplay.

escort on deck of a cruise ship

Turning the Sail to the Wind

This is not to say that ships still rely on the wind pushing against their bulging sails. These are the sails of the mind, your mind.  Let your mind sail free with the wind from your heart. It's just what cruises are all about – indulging in suave passions and letting the passions of a vacation seep into the deepest depths of the mind.

Cruise vacations will cut across the oceans beneath starry skies, skies which you never imagined before. You will be left dumb-founded with the serenity and tranquil beauty, affecting all your senses at once. For you, cruises are the best time to unwind, to delve into personal passions and unkempt desires.

Some of the big cruise ships, our escorts have already been on

Regent Seven Seas Explorer

A cruise with 995 square feet large ‘suites,’ marble and granite décor, Czech crystal chandeliers – this is the absolute epitome of what luxury can be while sailing on oceans. Swimming pools, oceans, personal yachts are just addendums. It is impossible for you not to have a proper beaut of times in this luxury cruise liner, especially in the company of our escorts for cruise trips.

The Regent line of cruises are among the best in the world, and there are more reasons why that is so. This cruise ship comes with 5-star restaurants and gourmet cuisines including Regent’s very own Prime 7 along with others like La Veranda and Chartreuse. And speaking of La Veranda, you can get a suite with a verandah too if you’re up for the task.

Loads of interior space with enough carnivals to make you forget the days and weeks – this is just what a luxury cruise is supposed to be all about. The Regent Seven Seas Explorer is more than whatever you might make of it. And it has more Victorian-style beds with bed posts for applying your imagination. The cruise escorts who have been on this ship were excited about it!

our cruise escorts love the regent seven seas explorer

Oceania Riviera

If there’s ever a word to describe elite and class together perfectly - it is the ‘Riviera’. The French Riviera centering around Monaco is where the world’s exclusive celebs and millionaires gather and indulge in revelries. The Oceania Riviera is a proper embellishment of Riviera grandeur in a cruise ship.

This cruise line has more often than not an exclusive clientele, and its exceptional feature is in the tastes and flavors of cuisines. You’ll be tantalized by internationally acclaimed chefs across multiple cuisines along with unique wine-tasting sessions. Choosing across multiple top eateries, Versace China silverwares and a regal La Reserve 5-course meal with finely aged wine – if this is the experience you want then Oceania Riviera is your infallible choice.

The icing on the cake is the 2000 square foot Owner’s Suites considered in the top bracket of oceanic luxury. Furbished with Ralph Lauren furnishings, separate living, dining and bedrooms, these suites are simply the best example of pleasures which money can buy. Just an example, an aged flavored wine can be the making or rather ‘unmaking’ of your sophisticated robes to release what’s underneath.

book an elite escort to accompany you on oceania riviera

Crystal Serenity

This cruise liner is all about class, about gentlemanly passions and frivolities. The Crystal Serenity hosts an elite clientele just for your experience par excellence. Names ranging from Pro PGA golfers to Contract Bridge experts – these people are onboard to give you classy evenings; when you have the right elite companion from us by your side!

An evening tea with suave Jazz played live on the deck is what Crystal Serenity offers to you and your cruise escort to start things up. A perfect cruise ship to simply recline and sun-bathe the mornings with its open decks and pools and while away nights with comfort and sweet melodies – Crystal Serenity is known for its one-of-a-kind experience and always attracts repeat vacationers, our clients and escort girls included!

crystal serenity cruiser is one ouf our escort girls' favorite ships

Cruise Escorts for a thoroughly complete Experience

In reality, luxury is not just about the materials you have around you. It has a lot to do with the company you have with you. There cannot be a better companion for a man in want of a luxurious time than a woman who can be the centerpiece of his indulgence. This is just what an elegant and classy Cruise Escort can give. A woman is that entity which embodies everything that is there to a classy gentleman’s personal indulgence. A man without a woman by his arms is simply not complete.

You need a stunning woman to make the best memories out of each moment on a luxury cruise.

If you don’t have one, then opting for the services of an elite cruise escort is what you simply should do. A woman who can comprehend luxury, who can complement luxury – this is the woman you’ll need. Beauty and intelligence merged as a whole in a sensual, feminine frame – a woman who can up the ante with a natural class and be the center of attraction effortlessly. This is what a cruise escort brings to the table. There’s a myriad of moments and events which you can make the best of with the right feminine company.

shore excursion

Cruises are not just about luxury liners and crowd; they are also about destinations. And for a man like you on the cusp of class mixed with the pinnacle of youth, making the best of a cruise is to add in a passion-filled adventurous destination. Truth be told, an elite cruise escort will want you to indulge in privy desires, some which are only meant between walls and on sexy beaches and upscale suites on land. So, read on.

Top 5 Destinations for Cruises with a Cruise Escort:

1. Tahiti

Tahiti is a hot new romance destination with untouched beaches furnishing green peaks in the backdrop. Shallow crystal waters to dive into straight from thatched huts on small isolated islands – it simply does not get any better than this when it comes to ‘sheer’ privy romance.

And this is just the place to indulge in your deepest passions and desires with a cruise escort. Amidst its surreal magnetism, you will get lost in the plenitude of nature and of your companion losing track of day and time. Your days will be spent with the sunrise by the horizon and the sunsets on white beaches romancing with the woman of your dreams.

Pleasure is best experienced with a companion holding your hand, sitting right next to you and gazing silently at the beauty in front of you. And these pristine palm leaves, with a warm breeze swaying through them, is just the kind of ambiance which will etch the rest of that night in your mind and on your body for eternity.

caribbean cruise stopping in tahiti

2. Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is not just a destination for travel. In fact, it is a culture and a life in itself. Mixing European genteel with North African flair, a cruise to this place will leave your senses enthralled for more. There are many vacationers who have simply stayed over for more leaving their lives behind.

There are many cruises to the Mediterranean, and you have a choice of numerous venues. You can take our exquisite escorts for cruise trips for a stay over at Venice sailing through its river-ways and alleys with a Gondola. For a more rustic experience, you can lodge up in the Italian island of Sicily with its signature cuisine and castles. Or you can treat yourselves to luxuries par excellence in Monaco, revel in its casinos and rich nightlife. The Greek Isles are where gods romanced back in ancient times.

The Mediterranean is a treasure trove with enough riches to spoil you for a lifetime. And a classy, beautiful woman can take your revelries and reveries to that umpteen ‘seventh’ heaven.

escort for mediterranean cruise vacation

3. St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is being considered as one of the best cruise destinations to stay over in. Snug by the Baltic Seam, this is the city which hosted the imperial Russian czars of old and is host to stunning architecture, a bustling nightlife along with sights and flavors mixing Europe and mid-Asian cultures together like nowhere else in the World.

St. Petersburg is an important port at the extreme interior cusp of the Baltic Sea and hosts many cruise liners every year. With merriments ranging from the suave to the general, an attractive passionate woman in the form of a cruise escort is just what you need to take to Russian roulette on a more personal scale.

And speaking of nights, a visit during the White Nights around June during which Russians revel in almost continuous daylight, this is just the twist to have a wild time soaked in festivities.

4. Hawaii

Even though Hawaii has waned in popularity over time due to its huge exposure as a premier tourist destination for couples and families, it is still just as romantic if you know where to go. Hawaii is a common stop for numerous cruise liners from across the world, but if you want to make an unforgettable experience out of it, you need to get away from the crowds and into solitary islands.

These cruise escorts were meant to accompany you in a bikini wrapped with a sarong sipping a margarita on a solitary Hawaiian beach in any of its hundreds of uncharted islands. A native hut with only the bare necessities and twice a day chaperone services is all the company which you’ll get.

Solitude within Nature’s pristine bosom – you’ll feel as if you are placed right in an abode where pleasure and sensuality go hand-in-hand and body-to-body. You’d feel serenity unfathomable, bliss imperceptible and an experience which goes uncontested or ineffable.

the route of a cruise ship in hawaii when our elite escort was on board

5. Nile River, Egypt

Egypt is and forever will be a land of mystique, of moving sand dunes and forbidden but not forgotten harems. The land holds secret grand sensuality which goes unparalleled, of veils hiding amorous belles, of incense to enthrall and ravage your inclinations.

Capping off a cruise in Egypt simply means you’re about to commit yourself to your cruise escorts submissions or vice versa. There’s nothing that will stop her from getting inspired from the erogenous vibes that this land exudes. There’s nothing that will prevent her to mesmerize you maybe after a hookah in a traditional Egyptian mud-hut.

You are most likely to find a hidden oasis of yearnings within you tempted and satiated. Mix these with the magnificence of pyramids and ancient temples – you’ll be missing out on a lot if you do not have Egypt in your cruise itinerary.

stunning cruise escort on deck of harmony of the seas

Bon Voyage with our Cruise Escorts!

A luxury cruise liner gives ample opportunities for socializing with an elegant crowd, to participate in pleasing chit-chats and tete-a-tetes with luminaries. And with a cruise escort, an attractive outgoing woman with the class to go with beauty, you’re certain to make the best of the festivities.

And following up a regal cruise with a destination for unraveling your privy passions uncensored is just how you make a memory worth a lifetime. A cruise escort will give you just those moments to cherish and remember with a personal compassion and a professional vigor.

Make a memory unlike any other with a luxury cruise and beautiful cruise escorts. Don’t bank on the afterlife, it is this life or never!