crete and other greek islands

Our travel escort top five destinations in Crete

Top Five Destinations Crete

Forget the crisis! Crete is beautiful.

The Greek Islands are a pull for thousands of people every year. You might get some lovely weather at this time of year if you go before the winter sneaks in. If you’re anywhere in the UK, it’s got to be better than here anyway right? We would clearly advise you to book a companion to go with, and our holiday escorts really do like traveling to Greece.

crete and other greek islands

Where in Crete?

However, we couldn’t possibly cover all the Greek Islands in a short daily blog like this, so we’re going to concentrate on a few places on the island of Crete. In fact, it’s not all staying poolside or hitting the beach with your escort, although we know some young escorts who would gladly spend a lot of time there of course!

Here's the list

  • Samaria Gorge National Park – A stunning gorge for trekking through, with some wonderful wildlife. At least, it’s the closest thing you’ll get to a jungle in Greece!
  • Palace of Knossos – Greek history is indeed fascinating, and we’re sure your companion will enjoy a visit to this ancient, Bronze Age palace. Of course, it doesn’t look much like a palace now, but it’s certainly awe inspiring.
  • Sacred Monastery of Arkadi – In the relatively small village of Rethymno, this quaint monastery has many visitors daily, and is widely considered as one of the loveliest looking monasteries in the whole of Greece. You don’t have to be at all ecclesiastical to appreciate beauty!
  • Falasarna Beach – Don’t tell everyone about this one. It’s still relatively unspoiled, to be honest with you. We think it’s more to do with the fact that massive commercial development is yet to take place there. Let’s hope that it doesn’t. In general, our travel companions love remote, relatively untouched places like this. And it is a beach after all, so they’ll love it!
  • Spinalonga – if ever you’ve wanted your own private island, then this would be a good choice were it not for the tourists of course! Spinalonga is truly beautiful and surrounded by lovely blue sea. For instance, there are quaint walls and roads all around it and you could quite easily fall in love with it, despite the fact that it used to be a leper colony!

Finding travel companions for Crete

So there you have it. Take a little look around the next time you’re in Crete, and don’t let those tourist destinations dull your experience! There’s a lot to see in Greece, and this is just one of the islands. Now, how about a nice Greek escort? Or indeed an escort from anywhere else in the world to accompany you?

Call us, and we’ll arrange your travel companion quickly and easily