man in perfect dress, his good looks attract a female

All the girls are crazy about a sharp dressed client

The Right Dress Or Clothes Make The Man

Why you have to care about your Dress and Looks

So do it gents, dress sharp! Firstly, we should apologize of course. For sure, you already have great dress sense. We just want to remind a few people that looking good for their escort is something that will be very well received. You can always expect a warm reaction from one of the call girls we list when you are looking your very best!

We could go into an exhaustive list of style tips here; instead, we’ll give you just one. Get suited and booted! It’s a must when it comes to making an impression on a woman, not just escorts from London. A nice new suit, a crisp white shirt, and shiny shoes! These things never fail to impress. You might want to accessorize a little too of course. A nice designer watch, maybe a ring or two? And don’t forget a splash of the nice smelling stuff!

man in perfect dress, his good looks attract a female

Tailoring is the best option

Now, it's unclear where in the world you’re located, and we’re sorry to report that it's impossible to have lots of knowledge about tailors in all the main cities. We could just list a few random places all over the world, but we’d much rather give you some pointers based upon our knowledge and that of some of our best clients. So let’s have a look at our top picks for tailors in London:

  • Gieves & Hawkes – 1 Savile Row
  • Anderson & Sheppard – 32 Old Burlington Street
  • Richard James – 29 Savile Row
  • Edward Sexton – 26 Beauchamp Place
  • Huntsman – 11 Savile Row

Be a gentleman

Clothes make the man, and we’re sure you’re already aware of this. However, people need reminders sometimes regarding other habits which make the man. Open doors, pull out chairs, listen to her, pay her lots of attention, all the obvious things. Remember that women, regardless of their age, all love the old fashioned type of chivalrous gent!

And make sure you get your company from us!