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Christmas 2016 in San Francisco

Christmas 2016 In San Francisco

What to do in San Francisco over Christmas

San Francisco lovers of the world unite and behold the wonders of Christmas on the West Coast. California may not have snow and reindeers, but it sure does have some lovely places to take your San Francisco escort even in the cold time of the year. We won’t drone on about the sites in San Francisco. Most of you will already know about those, but we do have a couple of things to tell you that are on in SF right now!

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Get a bit of culture with the San Francisco Ballet

If you choose the right San Francisco escort, they may even have done a little ballet in the past. These girls often have modeling and dancing backgrounds! Anyway, back to fundamentals. By far the most entertaining ballet to see at Christmas is The Nutcracker. You can see it here in San Francisco until the 29th December (excepting Christmas Day). The San Francisco Ballet were the first in the USA to do The Nutcracker, and they’ve continued doing it every year since 1944!

Adrenaline junkies

Then go to Sugar City at The Westin St Francis Hotel this Christmas. Until the New Year, you can indulge and impress your high-class escort in style with a two-floor gingerbread house! That has to be an original way to impress your date right? There’s also a giant castle and a great candy store to have some fun. You can always take your date to the hotel bar when you’ve finished of course. Or actually, why not book a room there and have it all your way?

A very special Christmas with a special woman

These are just two of the things we suggest to do with a high-class companion when you are in San Francisco for Christmas. In fact, we’re sure they’ll be plenty for you to do. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have the company of a stunning young woman to keep you happy. When you put a world-class company for travel escorts together with a city as fine as San Francisco, you’ve got a match made in heaven, so to speak!