charming gentleman with excited woman enjoying trip

Charming the pants off your companion!

Turn On The Charm

How the Man of the World really impresses Women

Not everyone has natural charisma. Not everyone can talk his way out of trouble, or into a date with a beautiful woman, but we can put you on the right track. Obviously, you’re not short of a pretty penny or two. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking out for travel companions on a site such as ours. But you don’t need to show your money and power, nor do you have to look particularly wonderful to impress women. This includes any of the Elite Escorts we represent too, you understand?

charming gentleman with excited woman enjoying trip

It’s all about the charm!

It is about your charm, gents. You’ve seen those guys who look as though they’ve been smacked in the face by a London bus, haven’t you? And you wonder how on earth they’re sitting next to a woman who looks as though she should be on the cover of Vogue! Well, either she’s an escort, he’s loaded, and she’s shallow, or he’s a really charming guy.

Charm school 101

  • Be confident. You need to believe that you belong. When you’re out in a bar, walk around the place and smile at people as though you own the joint, and they’re all your guest. Seriously now, this is useful. And you’ll soon find that you’re getting attention from the women without even approaching them. Do not, under any circumstances stay on the periphery of any party or get together. It’s social and dating suicide!
  • Be positive. Be positive, and females flock around you like pigeons around a hot dog roll on the pavement! When you meet a woman, and especially when you meet your travel companion should you book one, stay positive. Don’t self-deprecate, be proud of your achievements without bragging, and overall, believe that they’re interested in you and for good reason. Before too long you’ll have the woman you’re talking to feeling the same way! We know it all seems to be about these first two points, but it’s true. Arguably the best way to accomplish the two is to be at your best, and the only way to achieve this is to believe you’re at your best.
  • Be yourself. Women can’t stand fakers, and what’s more is that they’ll see through it instantly. Professional escort girls will see it first of all of course, simply because they have more experience with men than your average woman. There really is nothing like being yourself, even if you’re not especially pleased with who you are. A genuine man is worth ten fakers!

You’ll see that none of the above mention anything at all about what you’re wearing or how much the champagne is that you’re buying. It’s about you as a person. It’s about how you come across to others. Basically speaking, if you want to make an impression, it’s far more about adjusting your attitude to dating and about yourself!