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Cancellation Policy Travel Escort

How do cancellations work?

Cancellations are withdrawals before the planned trip. The following sections outline your rights and obligations regarding cancellations.

Cancellations by Customers

How do I cancel a booking?

If you wish to cancel a booking, please contact our customer support team or send us an .

  • Cancellations made must be communicated in text form. Cancellations must include enough booking details such as day of departure, length, destination, payment method, payment date to identify the booking and corresponding transaction. The request must be sent from the same email address that you used to make the booking.
  • Please note that a cancellation is not official until after you have received a confirmation e-mail by us.
  • Our customer support team will immediately handle your cancellation request. You do not have to take any further action.

What happens when I cancel a booking?

If you cancel a booking within 7 days after the down payment, 100% of the down payment can be refunded, with the following exceptions:

  • A refund is excluded for cancellations that are made less than 3 days before the day of your companion's departure. Instead, you will keep the reservation fee in credit and are eligible to consume this credit by submitting another booking within 365 days. The account credit can't be paid out.
  • If you demand personal contact with the companion and we have already sent her email address, phone number or Skype contact to your email address, a refund is excluded, too. We can organize the whole booking without the need for personal contact before.
  • If you cancel the booking less than 24 hours before the departure of your companion, we will pay out 20% of the reservation fee to your companion to compensate her for her loss of time. You will keep 80% of the reservation fee in credit and are eligible to consume this credit by submitting another booking within 365 days.
  • If you cancel a booking and your companion is already traveling to you, a refund of the reservation fee is excluded.
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Cancellations by Companions

If my companion cancels before the travel or meeting, how is the reimbursement to me calculated?

Travel-Escorts takes booking cancellations by our companions very seriously as it gives a negative experience to customers. To ensure a smooth and secure process, all cancellations must be processed by our company.

  • If your companion cancels the booking before traveling and/or meeting you and you have sent a reservation fee to our company, you are eligible to receive a full refund of the reservation fee. Alternatively, Travel-Escorts will help you to find another companion.
  • If you have transferred funds to us for booking travel tickets for your companion and these tickets have already been booked and paid by us, a refund from our company to you for those travel expenses is excluded. Therefore, it’s wise to add a travel insurance or to book tickets with a free cancellation option. If a travel insurance doesn’t exist and you can't receive a refund from the airline, we can assist you with changing the flight or name of the passenger so that you can maybe use the ticket in another way.
  • Our company doesn’t take over any responsibility for payments that you have made to third parties for your own or our companion’s travel or accommodation expenses or other expenses related to the booking. We don’t refund for payments to third parties and advice to use travel insurances.
  • Regardless of the cancellation policy, our companions themselves are responsible for returning any payment for their companionship they may have received from you in advance. The companion is not eligible to receive a payment from any bookings that she has canceled.
  • If the reason for the cancellation by the companion is not illness and no other convincing reason is given, Travel-Escorts may stop collaborating with the companion. In any case, Travel-Escorts may ask the companion for a document that proves the reason for her cancellation.

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Special Cancellation Policies


In the event of bereavement within the family (mother, father, husband/wife, sister, brother, child) and cancellation more than 24 hours before the meeting, the customer can ask for a full refund of the reservation fee. A death certificate is required as proof.