enjoy your break with our luxury escorts

Need a sensual escort to have a break?

City, Country and Beach Breaks with our Escorts

Different Types of Breaks for stressed Gentlemen

Booking a travel escort isn't always about spending extended periods of time away with you, nor are they always about traveling with you. You can book a companion from us to meet you at your chosen destination, and you can book them for just one night if you wish. That's often called a break.

It’s entirely up to you of course, even though you may well get more value for money if you book them to stay with you a little longer. It can be a costly affair to have a girl travel halfway across the planet to spend just one night with you. It all depends on your budget and how much you value the company of an escort! It’s not really for us to judge.

enjoy your break with our luxury escorts

A break helps to forget all the stress

It’s for this reason that we thought we would make it clear to you that our escort girls love to go away for the weekend and other short breaks with you. It doesn’t have to be to another country either. There are multiple scenarios and they all could play out here. You could book a travel companion in the same country (or even city) as you, then travel elsewhere in the same country for a weekend break. Or you could stay put and have one come to you from another country. Alternatively, you could book an escort in the destination you’re heading for your weekend away.

Popular weekend break ideas

  • City breaks. A city break could be just what you need, as long as it’s not in the city you live of course! The whole idea of a break means that you should leave your town or city of residence. City breaks are perfect for the culture vultures among you, and you can bet that our escorts will be pleased to soak some of it up with you.
  • Country breaks. A weekend in the country is the perfect choice for rest. It's an enormously popular choice for those people who live and work in the city on a day to day basis. Going off into the country also offers a certain degree of anonymity that you can’t always get elsewhere. Going where no-one could know you, and where there are very few people is very liberating occasionally.
  • Beach breaks. Just a couple of days to top up your tan? Then book a beach break. Luckily you can book hotels on the beach for just a couple of nights these days. And what’s even better is that if it’s the beach you’re looking for to get some rays, you never have to book too far away. Many of our international escorts love to lay on the beach sipping cocktails by the way!

Luxury escorts from a professional escort agency

All of the girls we represent are what we would like to term as “luxury escorts,” or “elite.” So you need never fear about them meeting you in the right place at the right time etc. or indeed that they won’t look as good as their pictures. These young companions look every bit as fantastic as they do in their pictures, and in most cases even better. You’re planning your break with the escorts of a professional agency here gents; we don’t mess around!