breakfast dates with sexy escorts

Breakfast on your own?

Escort For Breakfast

Book beautiful Breakfast Companions (not only for Breakfast!)

Breakfast on your own? You don’t need to. Well, to be more accurate regarding our website, you don’t have to when you’re on your holiday or traveling. You could be having breakfast with one of the most beautiful women. Ever dreamed of sipping your coffee in the morning with an international model? Ever thought about passing those awesome French croissants across the table to a young woman whose smile makes you feel like you have butterflies in your stomach?

breakfast dates with sexy escorts

The night before

Obviously, you’ll have spent the evening before with your chosen escort. But would you book an escort just to have breakfast with? Well, some of you might of course; it’s not for us to judge! But most of you will be enjoying your breakfast following a great night. This is a time to reflect with your travel companion about how your time has been. It’s nice to enjoy your breakfast whilst talking and laughing about the fun times you had the night before. You can both decide what time you get up for breakfast too!

How to make it a mutually agreeable breakfast

  • Don’t rush your escort. Sometimes a lady requires a little more time in the morning to get herself ready. The girls you can book from us are all naturally beautiful of course, so they don’t need long to put on their makeup etc. but they might want time to choose what to wear etc. Be a gentleman.
  • Give her plenty of choices. Again, be the gentleman here! If there is a choice of places to eat your breakfast, let her choose. When it comes to choosing what to have and when, again, let her do it. You’re likely to impress your companion if you act like a true gentleman. It’s not all about opening doors and paying for things you know!
  • Give her space. Now, this might not be something you’ve considered. Give your escort some space. It may not have crossed your mind, but she might not want breakfast. Or alternatively, she might want to go off somewhere and have breakfast alone, somewhere else. It’s important to understand that this isn’t anything to do with you, and in actual fact, it’s very rare, but you are dealing with a human being here. You should always respect your travel companion, no matter what she decides. She’ll appreciate you more for it!

A good day follows a good breakfast

Remember that if you make it a wonderful experience for the both of you, you’re likely to have a wonderful day ahead. Breakfast is also the perfect time to discuss what you want to do for the rest of the day unless it’s already planned. We just know that you’ll have a wonderful time with your chosen girl, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner!