Attractive female companion in Boston Public Garden

Our Boston recommendations for November

Our Boston Recommendations For November

Planning and enjoying your trip to Boston

Continuing our American theme for the moment, we’re going to give you a few tips for this exciting city. To start with our Boston recommendations, you have to get yourself a Boston escort! And the best place to get one is from us of course! Our travel escorts come from all over the world, but we have some beautiful and highly entertaining women in and around Boston too.

Attractive female companion in Boston Public Garden

Visiting Boston?

Back to fundamentals, our recommendations for Boston at the moment. Well, it’s autumn, and this has always been a delightful time to visit Boston. It’s not cold enough to put you off going outside, but it’s stunning to behold. And it’s even better with the company of one of our escort girls of course!

Boston Public Garden

Check out Boston Public Garden for all the colors of autumn. It’s perfect for a romantic walk through the leaves. Don’t let your companion wrap up too warm. However, she needs to cuddle up close to keep warm! You could even take a ride on one of their swan boats if you’re both feeling particularly playful and comfortable with our Boston recommendations,


Are you brave enough to risk ice-skating in front of your travel companion? If you are it can be a lot of fun indeed. Boston common’s Frog Pond is a great place to get in, both among the experts and the novices. If nothing else it’s going to be a good laugh to fall on your ass. We’re sure your travel escort will take care of you. Get yourself a drink or two in a local bar on the way back to your hotel, and you have the makings of a perfect afternoon.

Get your bookings in for Christmas

If you’re looking to have company in Boston over Christmas and enjoyed reading our Boston recommendations, it’s a good idea to get your bookings in as soon as you can. We do tend to get very busy at this time of year. There are a lot of travelers around the festive season and a lot of people who would rather not be alone; our own escorts included!