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Welcome to Boston

Welcome to Boston, the largest city in Massachusetts! All our Boston Escorts are very excited about the prospect of meeting you in this wonderful city! Indeed, Boston is Massachusetts’ capital, and it’s one of the first cities to become established since the settlers landed here.

It’s amazing at just how developed Boston is today when you consider that America as a nation isn’t that old! Perhaps it’s Boston’s dedication to learning and the world renowned academies it has built over the years that have aided such influential advancement. Its students, its art and its architecture, all go together to make this one of the most intellectual cities in the country.

It's a city with a constant pull for academics and those seeking to discover some real American history and a truly cosmopolitan lifestyle. We have the perfect companions for those educated gentlemen who won't be satisfied with anything other than the very best - our Boston Elite Escorts! And of course, they offer the highest discretion in the whole escort industry to our valued academics, businessmen, and politicians among our clients from Massachusetts.

We have the perfect companions for those educated gentlemen who won't be satisfied with anything other than the very best - our Boston Elite Escorts!

Bostonians, as some like to refer to themselves, are keen on their lifestyle. They follow plenty of sports: The Boston Red-Sox baseball team, and the Boston Celtics basketball team, both have loyal and committed fans, and you’d be hard pushed to go into a bar in Boston without hearing these names. People from Boston love their art and architecture of course, but they’re also a city full of foodies, with a special interest in seafood. It is said that the restaurants around the seaport are home to the best on the east coast! We hope you enjoy reading our concise guide to some of the best places to spend time with our Boston companions you may choose to book through us. We are positive you’ll have a lovely time!

boston escorts in massachusetts

Staying in Boston, MA

When you stay in a city like Boston, you need to stay in style. There is so much to take in that you need a nice relaxing place to make your camp, so to speak; which is another reason why we advise you to get the best American travel companion you can. Any of our escort girls would be happy to be your Boston companion for the duration of your trip, and they will be sure to enjoy some of the luxuries provided by either of the following hotel recommendations we have for you.

  • The Bostonian – 26 North Street. It's a very nice, upmarket hotel, close to everything, including Haymarket subway and the New England Aquarium (see below). The rooms are delightful, spacious and with all mod cons! Wi-Fi, balconies, marble bathrooms, etc. Some of the suites have better facilities of course, including open fires and separate living areas and bedrooms. The restaurant serves classic American dishes and those local to Boston, with some great seafood choices. A suitable hotel for dating a woman!
  • Boston Harbor Hotel – 70 Rowes Wharf. A very high-class hotel that’s sure to impress any Boston escorts you may choose to accompany you on your trip. There are some incredible views to be had in select rooms at The Harbor, and if you can afford to upgrade, we would strongly advise a suite, where you will no doubt get your own private balcony. Our travel companions and local Boston companions that have stayed here have a particular fondness for the large indoor pool and the very classy cocktail bar. We are confident you’ll enjoy your stay here, just make sure you get the right company!

Dining in Boston

As we said in the introduction, people in Boston take their food very seriously indeed. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from. It’s because of this competition that the standards are so high. We have picked out a couple of places we know and love, based of course on the experiences of our elite females. Indeed, our high end companions love dining at these Boston restaurants, and we urge you to click their links and make a reservation. Remember that those female companions want to dine in style when they arrive to meet you!

  • Neptune Oyster – 63 Salem Street. Seafood fanatics unite! Neptune Oyster is just one of many fantastic seafood restaurants in Boston. It has an entrée menu to die for, and you have to check out the lobster tacos too! But of course their signature has to be the oysters, and they don’t get tastier or fresher than here. We sincerely hope that your Boston escort enjoys seafood, and remember that oysters are an aphrodisiac!
  • Menton – 354 Congress Street. Fine dining in Boston resides here, in our personal opinion. It’s more than a little pricey, but that shouldn’t trouble a gentleman of your caliber now, should it? It’s not just a restaurant, it’s more of an experience dining at Menton. The atmosphere and décor make you feel very special indeed; it’s very glamourous inside. The wine list is outstanding too and really compliments the food. We have a recommendation from one of the Boston escorts that has had the pleasure of dining here, she says “try the Wagyu Beef Sirloin, it’s marvelous!”

Our Boston recommendations

Cambridge (Harvard)

Yes, it’s a separate city, but when you’re staying in Boston, we strongly urge you to visit Cambridge. It’s home to America’s oldest higher education college, Harvard. It has educated eight presidents, no end of Nobel laureates, and Pulitzer winners, and it’s a truly inspirational institution. You can get a tour of Harvard if you like, but just make sure you get a picture of yourself and the beautiful woman by your side with the John Harvard statue!

New England Holocaust Memorial

The New England Holocaust Memorial is a very sobering place to visit, but none the less impressive too. Stanley Saitowitz designed it and it was built in 1995. There are six glass towers engraved which represent the six million who died during the Holocaust. A truly fitting memorial and a very peaceful place to sit and reflect. There are some great little coffee shops and bars nearby too.

The New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium is an impressive attraction. This would make a lovely daytime activity to take your Boston escort to, in our opinion. The Giant Ocean Tank has a simulated coral reef and it’s truly impressive to view all the sea life within. In this tank, you can see sharks, turtles, barracudas and more. There are other exhibits, including great freshwater exhibits that are home to anacondas and piranha. So whether it’s octopuses, sharks, penguins or turtles you’d like to see, you can visit the Aquarium from 9-5 any day of the week.

statue john harvard in boston

Booking Boston Escorts

So, you have decided to visit Boston. Having a Boston companion on your arm when you dine out or visit some of the attractions we have mentioned, will only heighten your experience of this beautiful city. The oldest city in American welcomes you and your female companion, so make the most of it and call us at your earliest convenience. We will make all the necessary arrangements. Here affluent gentlemen find the Boston Escorts that match their social status.

If you’re going to Boston, make sure you have your choice of the best upscale escorts!