the best cigar bars in new york city, dubai, london and havana

Cigar bars around the world

Best Cigar Bars Around The World

Cigars are the Makers' guilty Pleasure

Are you a cigar aficionado? It’s a less popular thing to be these days we grant you, but there is a certain exclusivity to smoking a good quality cigar isn’t there? We’ve been talking about cigar smoking recently (for reasons unbeknown to be perfectly honest), but it led us to a little research. So today, ourselves and our travel companions would like to tell you a little about the best cigar bars all over the world.

the best cigar bars in new york city, dubai, london and havana

Our top three cigar bars

  • The Wellesley Cigar Terrace – Knightsbridge, London. Not only can you get your hands on some of the best cigars in the world on this outdoor terrace, but it’s one of the rare spots where you’re actually allowed to bring your own. So that box of Cubans your friend brought you back from their holidays is going to be welcome!
  • Havana Club – Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi. Those Middle East gents know how to entertain as you all well know, and so do the escorts we represent of course! Cigar smoking is taken very seriously at The Havana Club, as you probably guessed by its name. Its home is in one of the finest hotels in the world – The Palace – and the walls of this place are covered with cigar leaves! They also have a smokers’ private lounge.
  • Grand Havana Room – New York City. One of the best cigar bars in the world, we have to admit. If you’re in The Big Apple and you fancy a brandy and a cigar, this is the place to go if you can afford it. It is, however, members only. So click on the website and see if you can get in!

Cigar smoking in the best bars, with the best female companions!

There you have three of the best cigar bars in the world, according to us that is! So if you’re heading to any of these places, do try them out. Hell, it’s almost worth taking up the habit, isn’t it? And don’t forget that some of those lovely travel companions like to be around a sophisticated man who enjoys a smoke and a brandy.

The good things in life always go hand in hand!