escort girl in bikini at california beach

Beach bumming around California

Beach Bumming Around California

Best beaches in California

We don’t mean that you’ll be living out of a backpack or anything of course. That's because we know you’re not that type of guy. Well, we are aware you’re not that kind of guy when you’re booking an escort to go with you on your beach holiday. We’re going to tell you about our favorite beaches in California!

escort girl in bikini at california beach

Aren't they all nice?

Well, you’ve got us there! They are pretty fantastic. After all, you are in California! But there are a few particular, luxurious beaches that you’re simply not going to want to miss. That's particularly true if you have a beautiful young holiday escort with you. She’s going to want to look good on the beach in that bikini!

Our top picks

California is a big place, so we’re not going to tell you about every single beach:

  • El Matador State Beach, Malibu. A truly beautiful and very romantic beach to take an escort or anyone you’re trying to impress really. Watching the sunset from the cliffs is amazing, and the ocean views are even better. The only problem is that access to the beach isn’t that easy from up on the cliffs! It’s a bit of a trek down a dirt track from the cliffs to the actual beach, but it’s lovely once you get there. Not only that, it’s often quiet, depending on when you go; although you’ll always see lovers in each other’s arms.
  • Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur. A favorite beach with many people on the west coast, but it’s arguably still quiet to tourists. It's the perfect spot for practically everything you want to do at the beach: sunbathing, swimming, surfing or just hanging out! The views are excellent. You simply have to see the rocks here!
  • Thousand Steps Beach, Laguna Beach. Thousand Steps beach is called this because of all the steps you have to take to get down to it! You certainly have to be fit to get to this beach, but when you get to the bottom, you and your holiday escort can chill out on one of the mini pools that the beach naturally provides. It’s also a lovely long beach for walking; very romantic!

Time to choose your companion

That’s only three of the best beaches. We’ll tell you some more another time. So don’t be alone on the beach. And don’t book just any old California escorts, book the best escorts from all over the world. Our beautiful companions have been in San Francisco for instance, but also in San Diego and of course in Los Angeles quite often.